Office of the Registrar

Special Dates for Fall 2010

The following is a list of courses that do not follow the standard final exam schedule with buildings, rooms, day/date, and times of when the final exams will be given. This list does not include labs and studio courses. Most Saturday classes will hold exams during the regular time periods. Please check with your instructor about when and where your exam will take place, he/she may have made other arrangements that supercedes this list.

If any courses have been omitted from this list please inform the University Scheduling Services immediately at 202 885-2217 or e-mail


Course # Bldg/Rm Day   Course Time

Exam Date

Exam Time                         
COMM-385-001 MPC 100 M   09:55AM-11:10AM DEC 6 08:30AM-11:00AM  
COMM-428-001 MPC 102 T   12:45PM-02:00PM DEC 7 11:20PM-01:50PM  
COMM-438-007 MGC 313 M   09:30AM-02:00PM DEC 13 11:20AM-01:50AM  
COMM-438-008 MGC 313 TH   12:45PM-04:50PM DEC 9 02:10PM-04:40PM  
COMM-631-002 MPC 100 T   06:30PM-09:30PM DEC 7 06:30AM-09:30AM   
COMM-638-007 MGC 313  W   10:00AM-02:00PM DEC 13 11:20AM-01:40PM   
COMM-638-008  MGC 313 TH   12:45PM-04:50PM DEC 9 02:10AM-04:40AM  
EDU-499/699-001 GRAY BENT W   04:00PM-05:20PM DEC 13 02:10PM-04:40PM  
FIN-365-001 KSB 39 T   12:45PM-03:25PM DEC 7 11:20PM-01:50PM   
FIN-464-001       KSB 39 F   12:45PM-03:25PM DEC 10 11:20AM-01:50AM   
GNED-240-001   MCD 125 T   09:55AM-11:00AM DEC 7 11:20AM-01:50AM  
HIST-799-001 AND LL-2 W   05:15PM-07:00PM DEC 13 05:30PM-08:00PM  
KSB-071-001 KSB 39 T   09:55AM-12:35PM DEC 7 08:30AM-11:00AM   
KSB-071-002 KSB 39  F   09:55AM-12:35PM DEC 10 08:30AM-11:00AM  
KSB-081-002 KSB T62 T   10:35AM-12:35PM DEC 7  11:20AM-01:50PM  
KSB-081-004 KSB T62 F   10:35AM-12:35PM DEC 10 02:10PM-04:50PM  
KSB-200-001 KSB T62 W   09:55AM-11:10AM DEC 13 08:30AM-11:00AM  
KSB-252-001 KSB T61 W   09:30AM-11:10AM DEC 13 08:30AM-11:00AM   
KSB-602-002 KSB 118 F   09:55AM-11:10PM DEC 10 08:30AM-11:00AM   
KSB-696-001 KSB T58 F   01:00PM-02:30PM DEC 10 11:20AM-01:50PM  
MGMT-360-001 KSB T58 W   12:45AM-03:25PM DEC 13 11:20AM-01:50PM  
MGMT-381-001 KSB T59 W   09:55AM-12:35PM DEC 13 08:30AM-11:00AM   
MGMT-458-001 KSB T58 W   09:55AM-12:35PM DEC 13 08:30AM-11:50AM   
MGMT-458-003 KSB 118 T   09:55AM-12:35PM DEC 7 08:30AM-11:00AM   
PERS-102-001  ASB 222 TTH   06:15PM-08:20PM DEC 7 05:30PM-08:00PM  
SIS-715-001 SIS 100E M   09:55AM-12:35PM DEC 6 08:30AM-11:00AM  
SPAN-356-005 WARD 6 W   09:55AM-12:35PM DEC 13 08:30AM-11:00AM  
STAT-798-001 GRAY 104 F   02:00PM-04:00PM DEC 10 2:10PM-04:40PM  
TESL-096-001  MCK 156 T   02:30PM-05:00PM DEC 7 02:10PM-04:40PM