Office of the Registrar


Changes in Registration

To make changes in registration online, log on to and go to ADD/DROP COURSE.

Adding Courses

The Add/Drop period is the first 10 business days of the semester, or the equivalent for a summer session.

Approvals are required from some departments when registering for courses, including:

  • Kogod School of Business: when adding business courses
  • School of Communication: when adding communication courses
  • Cooperative Education: must have worked with Career Center and obtained their approval
Dropping Courses

Students may drop a course through the eighth week of classes for the fall or spring, or the equivalent for a summer session. Summer registration information can be found on the summer sessions site. When a student withdraws from a course during the first two weeks of a semester (or the equivalent for summer), the course will not appear on the transcript; withdrawal thereafter is noted with a W in place of a grade. Discontinuing attendance in class or notifying an instructor of a status change does not constitute an official action.

Approvals are required for the following:      

Withdrawal from courses that satisfy the University Mathematics Requirement need approval from an academic advisor based on the placement recommendations made by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

International students with F-1 or J-1 visas should consult first with an international student advisor in International Student and Scholar Services regarding how to maintain their status when withdrawing from courses.

Athletes must not drop below 12 credit hours without authorization from the director of athletics.

Grade Type Option

Students may change grade type options (A–F or Pass/Fail) on the web through the eighth week of classes for the fall or spring, or the equivalent for a summer session.

Note: Changing grade type is not permitted for courses that require a specific grade type, such as Pass/Fail only.

Separation from the University

Degree students who withdraw completely from the university must file an official Withdrawal Request form though the Office of the University Registrar. Students on academic probation will be required to obtain the signature of their academic dean before they will be permitted to withdraw.