Office of the Registrar

Maintaining Matriculation

Graduate students whose degree requirements are not completed and who have not been granted a leave of absence must register each fall and spring semester during regular registration periods for courses, for thesis or dissertation seminars, or for maintaining matriculation. Those who do not will be considered as having withdrawn. Such students may then reapply and, if readmitted, are governed by requirements and regulations in effect at the time of readmission.

During a semester when a student is not enrolled in credit course work but is utilizing the services of the university (e.g., to prepare for comprehensive examinations or complete research for the thesis or dissertation), the student maintains enrolled status by registering for maintaining matriculation, the equivalent of one graduate-level credit hour. Schools and departments may establish specific requirements as to when and for how many semesters students may be in maintaining matriculation status.

Students who change degree objective, college, or school, whose candidacy for an advanced degree expires, or who choose to conform to new regulations or requirements must be prepared to complete all requirements and abide by all regulations in effect at the time such a change is made.