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ANTH-210 Roots of Racism and Interracial Harmony FA3 (3)

Course Level: Undergraduate

Examines why racism has often characterized the relations between human groups, and compares these cases with other societies which have been nonracist. Social stratification, ideas about the nature and role of individuals, and economic factors are considered within and across cultures. The course links analysis of the past to possible social action. Usually offered every term.

ANTH-210 Race and Racism FA3 (3)

Course Level: Undergraduate

Drawing from biological anthropology, this course traces the development of the race concept, beginning with the emergence of "pre-racial" categories. It then examines the biological and social construction of race, how race has been mutually constructed with sexism, heterosexism, classism, and other essentialist forms of oppression. Modes of resistance are examined simultaneously. Usually offered every term.