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COMM-557 Art of Visual Storytelling: From Concept to Storyboards (3) Course Level: Undergraduate/Graduate

Art of Visual Storytelling: From Concept to Storyboards (3) (FM) This course offers students a comprehensive approach to envisioning and communicating visual stories through a variety of techniques, from conceptual presentations to storyboards, to enhance students' preproduction skills in film, video, and media arts. The course focuses on building skills for visual media pitches, concept approval, film and video production, blocking shots, directing, envisioning re-creations, and adapting creative works to visual media. The course is geared to those working with narrative films, documentaries, historical re-creations, commercials, public service announcements, and other forms of visual storytelling. Some background in film and media arts terminology is recommended, but art and design skills are not required. Restriction: minimum 2.5 GPA.