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Analysis of Learning and Learners (3)

Course Level: Graduate

This course examines the impact of direct individual and group support, instructional coaching, mentoring, critical thinking, and specialized instructional intervention on the learning process. The course provides teachers, instructional designers, curriculum specialists, administrators, and policy planners with theoretical and practical guidance and support to improve classroom teaching and learning. Current practices of teacher effectiveness are examined in the context of national standards for educational progress. Emphasis is placed on the role of critical thinking and action research, ongoing professional development for educators, and the application of research based on approaches to curriculum development and classroom instruction. Note: must be taken as part of the last 6 credits in the program.

Instructional Leadership and Teacher Support (3)

Course Level: Graduate

Students examine theories and strategies for supporting and mentoring teachers and providing professional development opportunities in schools. They learn how to analyze instruction, provide instructional feedback, facilitate peer observation processes, develop professional learning communities, promote reflective practice, and create shared opportunities for curriculum and assessment development.