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Career Management 2: Outreach Search Campaign (0)

Course Level: Graduate

This course is designed for students to produce a toolkit of lifelong career management skills to ensure success in future job searches and career transitions. It includes conducting an outreach search campaign including identifying market niche and companies; targeting cover letters, resumes, and online profiles; behavioral and case interview content; and salary positioning and negotiation. There is focus on networking and navigating the hidden job market. May be taken Pass/Fail only. Prerequisite: KSB-075 and enrollment in part-time MBA program.

Career Management 2: Full-time Search and Post-MBA Professionalism (0)

Course Level: Graduate

Taken in the fall and spring semesters of the second year of the MBA program, in the first semester students learn strategies to leverage their summer internship/activities in their long-term career development and post-graduation job search. The second semester focuses on maximizing success in the workplace and emphasizes the importance of communication and networking effectively in the work environment. May be taken pass/fail only. Prerequisite: KSB-075 and admission to full-time MBA program.