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LIT-443 Advanced Studies in Twentieth Century Literature (3)

Course Level: Undergraduate

Topics vary by section, may be repeated for credit with different topic. Rotating topics include modernist fiction and poetry, the Harlem Renaissance, postmodernism, counterculture, experimental poetry, with emphasis on research. Meets with LIT-643.

LIT-443 001
Term: SPRING 2016
Course Level: Undergraduate
Section Title: Harlem Renaissance
The Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s is one of the most famous literary movements in US history, generally considered to be the first major flowering of African American literary and artistic culture. This course explores the internationalism of the movement. In addition to examining how Harlem in the 1920s was a hub of African American artistry, students consider how the movement produced the originating terms for the idea of an African diasporic culture. Thus, attention is turned to how themes of mobility and exile inform the celebration of African American identity, African heritage, and cultural memory in the works of writers of African descent who moved in and around Harlem throughout the jazz age. In this way, students consider the contours of the movement's complicated articulation of a transnational blackness. Meets with LIT-643 001.