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SISU-359 Environment, Conflict, and Peace (3) Course Level: Undergraduate

Environment, Conflict, and Peace (3) The focus of the emerging interdisciplinary field of environmental peacemaking, with its focus on relationship-building between conflict actors, is to identify ways that the environment, natural and human, provides opportunities for building bridges of collaboration between conflicting parties. In this course, students deal with concepts from ecopolitics, environmental security studies, international relations, and conflict resolution to develop an understanding of the theoretical framework informing the emerging environmental peacemaking paradigm. The course examines the interactions among violence, conflict, peace, security, and the natural environment. It is structured to create the context for students to address questions including what impact violent conflict has on the environment; is environmental degradation itself a source or trigger of violent conflict; and how environmental cooperation can be used to promote peace and sustainable development. Grading: A-F only. Prerequisite: SISU-206 and SISU-210 or SISU-250.