Office of the University Registrar

Registration Dates for Spring 2015

Friday October 24, 2014

Spring 2015 priority registration for continuing graduate students begins.

Monday October 27, 2014

Spring 2015 priority registration for continuing undergraduate student begins.

Currently enrolled AU students receive registration information through their American University email account.

  • Continuing Graduate Students are eligible to register for spring courses beginning 7 am on Friday, October 24, 2014.
  • New Degree and New Nondegree Graduate Students are eligible to register for spring courses beginning November 3. They should consult with their academic advisor for registration information.
  • Continuing Undergraduate Students are eligible to register for spring courses beginning Monday, October 27 at midnight according to their total completed credits. See the spring priority registration schedule below for the first date of eligibility for registration.
  • New Undergraduate Students (First Year, Transfers, Washington Mentorship, and Post Baccalaureate students) register with the approval of their school of college. Information will be sent by email to deposit paid students. All students should be in contact with their school or college for additional details on eligibility for registration.

  CAS College of Arts and Sciences
  KSB Kogod School of Business
  SIS School of International Service
  SOC School of Communication
  SPA School of Public Affairs
    Postbaccalaureate Certificate Program
    Washington Mentorship Program

Please refer to the Academic Calendar for Semester bill due dates.

View the PDF instructions for more information about the web registration process.

Consult waitlist information and instructions for information about waitlisting.

Undergraduates: Spring 2015 Priority Registration Breakdown for Continuing Students

Completed Credits
  First Date
115 or more
  Monday, October 27
106-114   Tuesday, October 28
100-105   Wednesday, October 29
95-99   Thursday, October 30
90-94   Friday, October 31
82-89   Monday, November 3
75-81   Tuesday, November 4
69-74   Wednesday, November 5
64-68   Thursday, November 6
60-63   Friday, November 7
53-59   Monday, November 10
46-52   Tuesday, November 11
40-45   Wednesday, November 12
35-39   Thursday, November 13
31-34   Friday, November 14
25-30   Monday, November 17
16-24   Tuesday, November 18
10-15   Wednesday, November 19
6-9   Thursday, November 20
1-5   Friday, November 21

Zero Credits
Last Initial
  First Date
S, H, N, K, G, X,B, E, J, M, U
  Monday, November 24
V, A, O, D, C, I, F, L, R, T, W, P, Z, Y, Q
  Tuesday, November 25