AUx Advisory Board

The American University Experience (AUx) Advisory Board serves as an advisory body committed to providing advice that is representative of the views of faculty, staff, and student constituencies across the university for the purpose of improving the academic experience of first-year students. The members of the Advisory Board strive to enhance stewardship of the curriculum such that the student learning experience in AU’s first-year experience (FYE) course is continuously improved, enhanced, and optimized.  

Advisory board members represent a cross section of the University’s community. Expand the box below for a full list of current advisory board members.

Andrea Brenner* - Director, American University Experience (AUx) and Assistant Professor, Sociology

Izzi Stern - Program Coordinator, American University Experience (AUx)

Jessica Waters - Dean of Undergraduate Education and Vice Provost for Academic Student Services

Joy Adams- Instructional Designer, University Library

Fanta Aw - Vice President, Office of Campus Life

Matt Bruno* - Assistant Director of Education and Training, Center for Diversity and Inclusion

Traci Callandrillo - Director, Counseling Center

Angie Chuang* - AUx2 Curriculum Designer

Taylor Dumpson - President, AU Student Government

Jimmy Ellis - Director, Student Success and Assessment, Undergraduate Education and Academic Student Services

Lisa Freeman* - Director, Residence Life

Erica Hart* - Professorial Lecturer, Psychology

Mickey Irizarry - Director, AU Wellness Center

Bev-freda Jackson - Adjunct Professorial Lecturer, Justice, Law & Criminology

Jenn Johnson - Director, Orientation, Transition & Retention

Jacqueline Lantsman - AUx Undergraduate Intern

Jawee Perla - Student Services Director, International Accelerator Program

Ashley Rozendaal - Program Director, Student-Athlete Academic & Life Skills Support

Randa Serhan* - Assistant Professor, Sociology

Shyheim Snead* - AUx Peer Leader

Marianne Thomson - Executive Director, Academic Student Services & Access, Academic Support and Access Center

Briana Weadock* - AUx Instructor & Counselor

*has served/currently serving as an AUx Instructor or AUx Peer Leader

AUx2 Curriculum Consultants

Faculty, staff, alumni, and students from the AU community shared their knowledge and ideas, providing feedback on the AUx2 curriculum during its creation and revision process.

Expand the box below for a list of consultants. Please note that this list is not exhaustive.

Fanta Aw, Vice President of Campus Life

Celine-Marie Pascale, CAS Faculty

Theresa Runstedtler, CAS Faculty

Lily Wong, CAS Faculty

Ashley Dejean, AU Alum

Cheryl Holcombe-McCoy, Dean of the School of Education

Caleen Jennings, CAS Faculty and President's Council on Diversity and Inclusion

Elijah Fosl, AU Student

Bev-Freda Jackson, SPA Adjunct Faculty

Robin Adams, Center for Community Engagement and Services

Koji Wieber, AU Student

Janny Jang, AU Student and AASU President

Gabriel Benitez, AU Student and Head of AU Libertarians

Juliana Martinez, CAS Faculty

Krista Chavez, AU Student and Representative from Network for Enlightened Women

Jaelynne Palmer, AU Student and Representative from The Darkening

Chrissandra Jackson, AU Student and Representative from The Darkening

Dyani Brown, AU Alum

Sarah Trembath, CAS Faculty

Andrea Brenner, Director of AUx and CAS Faculty

Jacqueline Lantsman, AU Student

Salimah Shabazz, AU Alum

Filippo Trevisan, SOC Faculty

Salvador Vidal-Ortiz, CAS Faculty

Gay Young, CAS Faculty

David Vine, CAS Faculty

Eileen Findlay, CAS Faculty

Amanda Choutka, CAS Faculty

David Pike, CAS Faculty

Leena Jayaswal, SOC Faculty

Tiffany Speaks, Center for Diversity and Inclusion

Michelle Strange, Center for Diversity and Inclusion

Sonya Grier, KOGOD Faculty

Maria DeJesus, SIS Faculty

Christine Chin, SIS Faculty

Easten Law, SIS Faculty

Malini Ranganathan, SIS Faculty

Maina Singh, SIS Faculty

Mike Bader, CAS Faculty

Keith Leonard, CAS Faculty

Mary Clark, Dean of Academic Affairs and Senior Vice Provost

Larry Engel, SOC Faculty

Derrick Jefferson, Library

Noemi Enchautegui-de-Jesus, CAS Faculty

Michele Carter, CAS Faculty

Emily Lindsay, KOGOD Faculty