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Vision Statement

Implementation Timeline

  • American University Experience (AUx), a set of two required transition courses, is tested with a core of trained faculty and staff and is expected to be rolled out to all first-year students in 2018
  • Starting in 2015, professors Dr. Andrea Brenner (sociology) and Angie Chuang (communication) researched and developed AUx through town hall meetings and working sessions with students, faculty, and staff
  • American University Experience II (AUx2), the follow-up course, delves into social and culture relations, and issues of diversity, identity, and race
  • PCDI hosts a series of listening sessions in residence halls where students can have one-on-one conversations about AU's environment of diversity and inclusion
  • PCDI drafts recommendations for diversity and inclusion objectives that President Kerwin incorporates into the university's strategic plan
  • PCDI engages with AU community through interviews and discussions with key AU stakeholders, student leaders, faculty senate, and administration members
  • A plan for diversifying and retaining diverse faculty — Target of Opportunity Program (TOP) — is developed by Mary Clark, Dean of Academic Affairs and Senior Vice Provost and Dr. Cheryl Holcomb-McCoy, Dean of the School of Education
  • Human Resources examines every phase of staff hiring process with the goal of increasing diversity and inclusion
  • HR leaders meet with 60 staff members of color to identify changes the university could make to improve racial climate and establish a new staff and faculty people of color affinity group
  • PCDI provides input on the Undergraduate Campus Climate Survey to the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment
  • Revisions to survey are made to gather more comprehensive data from current undergraduate students regarding diversity and inclusion on campus
  • Ibram X. Kendi, best-selling author and award-winning historian, is announced as the founding director of AU's new Anti-Racist Research and Policy Center
  • The Center will bring together teams of faculty and student researchers to conduct cutting-edge, intersectional, and interdisciplinary research of racial inequality and discrimination of a national and international scope
  • AU believes the Center will serve as a global leader for anti-racist research and policymaking

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Your life can change in just a simple conversation.

There are so many monumental moments at AU that just a simple conversation can change everything. It happens in the classroom, on campus, with the people who come here to speak, through internships and in the things I do downtown. This is a time in my life when I'm both forming my beliefs and open to new ideas. AU helps me make the most of that.

Last year was my musical year at AU. It was like nothing I've ever experienced.

I've taken piano since I was in the second grade. I thought I'd have to give that up, but I carved out the time. I became involved in chamber orchestra and the gospel choir—opposite ends of the spectrum stylistically. The first time I sat down to play, I got goosebumps from that group synergy. AU has made me realize how much more I’m open to.

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, 2017


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, 2017