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Intramural Sports

2015-2016 Intramural Sports Champions

 Congrats to all our champions!

  • Fall 2015 Flag Football Champ Photo
  • Kickball Champs Fall 2015
  • F15 IM BBall Tourn. Men
  • F15 IM BBall Tourn. Coed
  • IM Men's Soccer Champs
  • IM Co-ed Soccer Champs
  • Coed IM Basketball S16
  • IM Men's A Basketball Champs
  • IM Men's B Basketball Champs
  • IM Water Polo Co-ed Champions
  • Water Polo Spring 2016 Men's Champions
  • sand volleyball champs
  • intramural indoor soccer men's

2014-2015 Intramural Sports Champions

Fall 2014:

Flag Football: PSK

Outdoor Soccer (Men's): Delt

Outdoor Soccer (Co-rec): Mighty Wombats

Badminton: Tyler Bodi

Preseason Basketball Tournament (Men's): The Jenkins Family

Preseason Basketball Tournament (Co-rec): Ryan Tubb Official's Fan Club

Single Tennis: Zachary Andrews


Spring 2015:

Basketball League (Men's A): AU Club

Basketball League (Men's B): Washington Semester Program

Basketball League (Co-rec): Mighty Wombats

Indoor Soccer League (Men's): The Rage Cage

Indoor Soccer League (Co-rec): Mighty Wombats

Indoor Soccer League (Women's): Kickin' Kangas