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Recreational Sports and Fitness

Affiliated Memberships

To accommodate as many individuals as possible, Recreational Sports and Fitness offers a variety of additional memberships to fit the needs to the AU community and beyond. Some of our most popular specialized memberships are listed below, however, if your circumstance is not listed (e.g. visiting professors, chaplains or clergy affiliated with the Kay Spiritual Center), please contact Alicia Fodera, Assistant Director of Membership Services & Promotions:


An AU RecFit membership includes the use of the Jacobs Fitness Center, Cassell Fitness CenterCongressional Fitness Center, Reeves Aquatic Center, Bender Arena, and our outdoor facilities. These affiliated memberships are annual and run for 1 year from the date of enrollment.


People who work full-time on campus (and are not paid through the University) and/or are considered part of Auxiliary Services. This comprises of, but not limited to Megabytes Cafe, Aramark, The UPS Store, Capital One Bank, etc.

Individual: $289

Auxiliary Services

Wesley Seminary

Any current Wesley student, faculty, or staff member.

Individual: $485

Family: $981

Wesley Seminary

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI)

Individuals currently attending classes through OLLI. 

*Proof of enrollment into OLLI is required at the time of purchase.

Individual: $643



Become a Member Today!

New members must complete our Registration Form and signing up can be done at either the Jacobs Fitness Center or Cassell Fitness Center front desk during any of our hours of operation!