Recreational Sports and Fitness

Additional Memberships 

American University Corporate

People who work full-time on campus and are considered auxiliary. This category is comprised of but not limited to Bon Appetit, eFollet, Pitney Bowes, Hair City, Megabytes Cafe, The UPS Store, and Capital One Bank.

Wesley Seminary 

Faculty, Staff, and Students of Wesley Seminary.

Osher Life Long Learning Institute

Individuals attending classes at the Osher Institute.

  Individual Family
AU Corporate
$255.00 N/A
Wesley $430.00 $870.00
Osher $570.00 N/A

If your circumstance is not featured in our Membership overview, e.g. visiting professor, chaplains or clergy affiliated with Kay Spiritual Center, please contact Jacobs Fitness Center to inquire about options (202)885-6267 x3

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