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faculty/staff membership

Faculty/Staff Memberships

Work Out Where You Work!

 Full Time Faculty and Staff

Full time faculty and staff who have access to benefits are able to join on an annual membership or through payroll deduction. Registration forms can be completed at the Fitness Center front desk.


Individual  Family 
Annual $200.00 $430.00
Bi-weekly Payroll Deduction
$7.69 $16.54
Monthly Payroll Deduction
$16.67 $35.84

*9-month faculty, who choose to pay for their membership through payroll deduction must pay an additional Summer Membership rate of $50 (individual) and $100 (family) for May - August since they won't be receiving paychecks during those months.

Part Time Staff and Faculty

Part time staff, including adjunct faculty, can obtain memberships on an annual basis. 

Individual $430.00
Family $870.00

Become a Member Today!

All new members must complete our Registration Form.

Full-time faculty or staff must also complete our Payroll Deduction Form in order to enroll for deductions. This form is also your way of dropping deductions as well.