Locker Services

There are many options for members to keep their valuables stored safety within the Jacobs Fitness Center.

Locker Rooms

Both men's and women's locker rooms contain half-length lockers that individuals can use with their own personal lock (combination locks are available for purchase at the Jacobs and Cassell front desk with $10.00).

Remember: They are not for overnight use, so please take your belongings home with you.

Both locker rooms also have full-length lockers that members can rent.

Semester Rental: $75
Yearly Rental: Currently unavailable due to expected maintenance in locker rooms in May 2016. 

Expiration Dates for Semester Rentals
Spring: May 20th
Summer: August 20th
Fall: December 20th

Digital Lockers

There are small digital lockers for day-use in the Jacobs Fitness Center free of charge, that can store small, personal items while you work out.