Small Group Training

Small Group Training - New for Spring 2014!

Split the Cost - Share the Goal!

Take advantage of our Personal Training Services at a fraction of the cost. These training programs are tailored towards your group's training focus as well as your own personal fitness goals. Form your own small group or have us match you up in order to take advantage of group camaraderie, motivation, reduced cost per training session, and focused group training sessions, as well as coaching and program design from our Certified Personal Trainers. Scroll down the page to see some of our suggested small group training focuses.

Groups consist of 3-6 members**.  Don't have a group? - No Problem! Let us know you want to sign up and we will find you one. You and your group select the days you want to train based on group and trainer availability.


Members of each group split the cost of the program, making the cost of each session much lower than individual or buddy training:

  • 6 weeks (12 sessions) = $1080.00 (that's $90 a session) split between 3-6 people**

**The Couch to 5K program can accommodate up to 10 people.

SPECIAL OFFER: Receive 15% off your second 6-week session if your group renews for a 2nd training package.

Small Group Training Options

Power Hour Circuit

This high intensity fitness program combines high volume resistance exercises and compound body weight movements to get you ripped with our total body, circuit-style training. Bring your own water, we'll provide the sweat. All fitness levels welcome.

Outdoor Bootcamp

Looking to kick your fitness into high gear before the summer months are here? Outdoor Boot Camp training will use creative exercises and partner/team based drills to help you lose body fat, increase stamina, tone-up and increase your energy levels. Class will be held outside utilize out-of-the-"box" training styles that aren't your "everyday" gym routines. Exercises can be modified to suit all fitness levels - everyBODY is welcome!

Couch to 5K

Ready to run (or walk) your way to a healthier you? This beginner's training program will take you from the couch to the finish line of your first 5K in eight weeks!

Tough Mudder Prep

Tough Mudder Prep will use a variety of functional movements as well as endurance based exercises to prepare you for the challenges you'll face on a Tough Mudder or other obstacle-based race course. This program delivers an intense mix of cardio and strength training. Are you TOUGH enough?


This small group training will provide you with the fitness program and the motivational support to ensure that you reach your weight-loss goals. Your trainer will help you set SMART goals, as well as incorporate the best cardio, strength and circuit training practices to achieve these goals. This program helps give you that edge to shed the pounds you want with different formats of exercise to improve your overall fitness. Make the commitment to your health and fitness today!

Beginner Fitness

Maybe you are new to exercise or have trouble maintaining a consistent exercise routine? Perhaps you are recovering from an injury or simply want a gentler approach to fitness. Find your inner athlete while you sample different training techniques and build an exercise routine that you can stick with. This 6 week program will include cardiovascular, strength, endurance, flexibility and other important components of an exercise routine. Our trainers are willing to customize each small group program according to its participants need.

Kettlebells Training for Quick Results

This small group training provides a fun, dynamic workout and does not require a background in resistance training. Total body, dynamic movements will provide serious cardio and strength building without the monotony of treadmills or isolated reps. Kettlebells focus on movements, not muscles; every lift with a kettlebell engages the entire body, promoting powerful heart rate response, calorie burn, lean mass production and fat-loss. Improved cardiovascular endurance, strength, and flexibility levels will be seen in a relatively short amount of time. Through individualized instruction you will learn how safe, easy, and fun kettlebell training can be.