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Special Events

Recreational Sports & Fitness hosts a number of special events that bring students, faculty, staff, community members, and alumni together for fun and active experiences.

We have monthly, annual, and one-time events and are always looking for more ideas! Some of our most successful events include Late Night at the Rec, Push-Pull Competition, and Women on Weights.

Looking to Collaborate?

If you are a student group looking to co-sponsor an event, please contact Lauren Kline, Fitness Coordinator of Wellness & Special Events:

Bingo Back Into Fitness

Bingo board

When: January 16 - February 9
Where: Pickup a card at Jacobs or Cassell, or download your own.
Cost: Free

Challenge yourself and others this semester by getting involved in Bingo Back Into Fitness! Complete the tasks in the squares to get 'Bingo' and receive a prize or fill out the entire card to be entered in to win the Grand Prize of three Personal Training sessions! Completed cards must be turned in by February 9 to Cassell Fitness Center.

Descriptions of each task can be found here.

Sleep Habits Pledge

woman yawning at desk

When: Monday, January 22 - Sunday, January 29
 Daily email with sleep information and questionnaire
 Anyone who wants to make sleep a priority 

We all know how important sleep is to our health and well-being, but many of us struggle to get enough of it on a regular basis. Start this semester off right by making a pledge to strive for healthy sleep!

By registering, you will receive a daily checklist for one week to help remind you about healthy sleep habits.

Register for free: Healthy Sleep Registration

VegOut Happy Hour

fruits and vegetables

Celebrate adding more whole foods to your diet and come learn about how easy it is to do so! We will be having a food demo and sampling along with a "juice happy hour" sponsored by Garden of Flavor and take home goodies including an RxBar!

When: February 21, 3-5pm

Where: McDowell Hall Formal Lounge

Must Register Here

Women on Weights

Women in weightroom

When: Wednesdays 5:30-7pm, February 21, February 28, March 7
Where: Cassell Fitness Center Weight Room
Cost: Free

Women on Weights is a program designed to help women feel more comfortable in the weight room and get excited about training to become STRONG! In each session, the trainers will go over form and technique as well as how to build your own weightlifting program! This program will benefit the beginner lifters as well as intermediate lifters.

Please Register Here

SMART Goal Setting


Setting S.M.A.R.T. goals for the semester is a great way for you to define what you want to accomplish during the Spring of 2018. Sharing your goals is one strategy to help you achieve them. Tell the AU RecFit Wellness Ambassadors your goal for Spring 2018 and we will do what we can to help support you this semester.

To submit a goal: Submit your goal here.

Fittest on Campus

Shoes with barbell

When: Sunday, April 15 from 10am-2pm

Where: Cassell Fitness Center

Test yourself in all areas of fitness including strength, endurance, and agility! There will be three events taking place with awards for the top male and female athlete in each event as well as overall performance in all three events.

PACK: People and Animal Cardio Klub


AURecFit, in partnership with the Humane Rescue Alliance, is taking to the trails with adoptable dogs and we want you to join! 

Registration is closed for this semester. But, if you want to register for the spring, see the information below.

You must become certified first. Please begin by filling out the interest form here. There is a one-time $25 fee to become certified. This includes a t-shirt!

Each participant will complete the volunteer application online, attend a general orientation, and PACK orientation (we will help with scheduling). Participants can then go out on a weekly basis to walk or run with the dogs! Questions: Contact Lauren at

Monthly How-to Sessions

Free Swim Clinic

September 25, 8-9pm

Aquatics Center

October 4, 11, and 18


Cassell Fitness Center

Monday, November 13


Cassell Fitness Center

Wednesday, December 6
Jacobs Fitness Center

Tuesday, January 16

4:30-5:15pm, Cassell Fitness Center

Kickboxing is a high-energy, low-impact class that utilizes the basic punches and kicks of boxing, leaving you to feel empowered. Join in this introductory class to learn the basic movements and techniques used in our "Cardio Kickboxing" classes!

Wednesday, January 17

7-7:45pm, Jacobs Fitness Center

Center your mind and body while flowing through various postures that promote increased strength, focus, and flexibility. This class will be an introduction to the basic postures and breathing techniques used within a yoga class.

Thursday, January 18

4:30-5:15pm, Cassell Fitness Center

A blend of kettlebell and body weight exercises for the perfect combination of strength and power. This class will introduce you to the movements and techniques used in our "Killer Kettlebell" classes.

Monday, January 22
3:15-4pm, Cassell Fitness Center

This ballet-based workout is a high repetition, muscle conditioning class, focusing on postural strength and alignment. This class will focus on the basic movements and techniques for our Barre @ The Barre classes.

Wednesdays, 2/21, 2/28, and 3/7

5:30-7pm, Cassell Fitness Center

Learn the basics of weightlifting in addition to going over technique for the "big three" movements: the bench, squat, and deadlift!

Wednesday, March 21
5-7pm, Congressional Fitness Center

Take your weightlifting to new levels by learning the best techniques in powerlifting.

Friday, March 4

4-6pm, Sand Volleyball Courts

To welcome the warmer weather, we are getting outside and playing on the sand volleyball courts! First off, we will run through some drills and then play a mini tournament.

Monday, April 30

1-4pm, The Quad

Let's kick off summer and play some field games as well as other events on the Quad!

Partnership for a Healthier America Logo

AU RecFit has partnered with PHA for their “Healthier Campus Initiative” which provides guidelines for campuses to promote healthier lifestyles on campus. One of the ways RecFit is doing this, is providing free “How to” classes for students, faculty, and staff that are free of charge!

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