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2012-2013 Faculty Research Grant Award Winners

We commend the following faculty members from across the American University community who have received funding from the Office of the Provost for their research proposals for 2012-2013.


College of Arts and Sciences

Shalini Ayyagari
“The Kaimacha: A Cultural History of an Instrument Among the Manganiyar of Rajasthan, India”

Max Paul Friedman
“The 1963 French Peace Initiative in Vietnam”

Matthew Hartings

“Unnatural Amino Acids Facilitating Protein Engineering”

Monika Konaklieva
“Novel Prodrugs Active Against MtB”

Namiko Kunimoto
“Performing Cultural Capital: Art, Gender, and Nation in Postwar Japan”

Abigail Miller

“Imaging Metal Organic Frameworks”

Brenda Werth
“Global Imaginings of the City in Theatre and Performance of the Americas”

School of International Service

David Bosco
“The Political and Diplomatic Impact of the International Criminal Court”

Maria De Jesus
“Barriers and Facilitators to Diabetes Prevention Behaviors and Texting Health Communications Strategy Among Hispanic Pre-Diabetic Patients”

Paul Wapner
“Into the Climate Age: Patterns of Suffering on a Warming Planet”

School of Communication

Laura DeNardis
“The Domain Name System as Intellectual Property Enforcement: Implications for Internet Governance, Architecture, and Freedom of Expression”

School of Public Affairs

Kimberly Cowell-Myers
“Explaining the Emergence of Women’s Political Parties”

Todd Eisenstadt
“Between Parchment and Practice: Explaining Democracy’s Backsliding Since 1995 in Nations with New Constitutions”

Seth Gershenson
“Teacher Quality, Student Behavior, and Student Achievement”

Team Submissions (Kogod School of Business)

Mark Clark (KSB Team Leader)
Alberto Espinosa

“Team Knowledge: Fundamental Dimensions, Measurement, and Representation”

Cristel Russell (KSB Team Leader)
Dale Russell, Uniformed Services University
Larry Engel, SOC
John Swasy, KSB

“The Process and Impact of Health Risk Warnings”