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June 2015 Awards Overview

In June of 2015 (FY 2016), the Office of Sponsored Programs recorded the following grants for American University researchers. 

PI: Naden Krogan 

College of Arts and Sciences - Biology

Title: Mechanisms Controlling Cellular Differentiation and Proliferation in a Plant Stem Cell Microenvironment 

Sponsor: National Institutes of Health

Funds: $350,820.00 

PI: Nancy Snider 

College of Arts and Sciences - Performing Arts 

Title: Creating Opportunities for Extended Learning Beyond the Traditional Classroom and Music Studio 

Sponsor: The Marinus and Minna B. Koster Foundation, Inc. 

Funds: $10,000.00 

PI: Gregory Harry 

College of Arts and Sciences - Physics 

Title: CAREER: Integrated Research and Education on Gravitational Wave Detector Optics 

Sponsor: National Science Foundation 

Funds: $95,266.00

PI: Michel Robe 

Kogod School of Business - Finance & Real Estate 

Title: What Drives Uncertainty and Volatility Expectations in Agricultural Markets? 

Sponsor: U.S. Department of Agriculture 

Funds: $230,000.00

PI: Yujin Jeong 

Kogod School of Business - International Business 

Title: Status and Bribery: Evidence from the Revealed Accounting Records of Two South Korean Presidents 

Sponsor: The Academy of Korean Studies 

Funds: $12,000.00

PI: Christopher Palmer 

School of Communication - Center for Environmental Filmmaking 

Title: Camera Package 

Sponsor: Norcross Wildlife Foundation, Inc. 

Funds: $2,500.00 

PI: Kathryn Montgomery 

School of Communication - Dean's Office 

Title: Public Interest Framework for Protecting Consumer Privacy in the Health Wearables Industry 

Sponsor: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation 

Funds: $154,454.00 

PI: Charles R. Lewis 

School of Communication - Investigative Reporting Workshop 

Title: General Operating Support 

Sponsor: Park Foundation, Inc. 

Funds: $200,000.00 

PI: Deen Freelon 

School of Communication - Public Communication 

Title: Social Media for Social Justice: #Blacklivesmatter as 21st-century Civic Engagement 

Sponsor: Spencer Foundation 

Funds: $30,015.00  

PI: Deen Freelon 

School of Communication - Public Communication 

Title: Blogs and Bullets IV 

Sponsor: George Washington University 

Funding Source: United States Institute of Pea 

Funds: $7,900.00 

PI: Pek Koon Heng-Blackburn 

School of International Service - Comparative and Regional Studies 

Title: ASEAN-US Symposium Workshops 2015 

Sponsor: U.S. Department of State 

Funds: $53,000.00 

PI: Derrick Cogburn 

School of International Service - International Communications 

Title: Continued Growth, Institutionalization, and Regionalization of the Institute on Disability and Public Policy (IDPP) for the ASEAN Region 

Sponsor: Nippon Foundation 

Funds: $989,000.00 

PI: Jeremy Shiffman 

School of Public Affairs - Public Administration and Policy 

Title: Learning in the Global Education Agenda 

Sponsor: U.S. Agency for International Development 

Funds: $992,001.00 

PI: Carola Weil 

School of Professional and Extended Studies - Washington Internships for Native Students 

Title: Washington Internships for Native Students - USDA 2015 

Sponsor: U.S. Department of Agriculture 

Funds: $79,352.00 

PI: David Hunter 

Washington College of Law - International Legal Studies Program - ILSP 

Title: From Rules to Accountability: Building Capacity of Latin American NGOs on Chinese Overseas Investment Environmental Standards 

Sponsor: The Conservation, Food and Health Foundation 

Funds: $25,000.00 

PI: Sean Fiil-Flynn 

Washington College of Law - Program on Information Justice and Intellectual Property 

Title: Academy of Exchange and Judicial Studies Training 

Sponsor: Academy of Exchanges and Judicial Studies 

Funds: $12,930.00