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Faculty Research Support Grants

Application Guidelines

 (May 1, 2011-April 30, 2012)

The Office of the Provost provides competitive intramural research grants to support faculty research, scholarship, professional and creative activities. The award is designed to provide essential support, either time or funds, to enable faculty to achieve greater research productivity for all schools, colleges, and libraries across American University. Research includes creative work as well as experimental investigations, professional projects, archival studies, and other scholarly endeavors that advance knowledge in the applicant’s discipline, field, or profession or contribute to creative projects that enhance the arts or humanities. Preparation of textbooks is funded only if the scholarship involved makes a significant contribution to pedagogy or is an original contribution to the field. The grants are managed by the Vice Provost for Graduate Studies and Research. A major purpose of these funds is to make faculty more competitive to obtain extramural funds or to win prestigious external fellowships.

For Application Forms and Instructions (

  Faculty Research Support Grants
Deadline Tuesday, November 30, 2011 by 5 PM
Funding period May 1, 2011 to April 30, 2012
Budget Limit $10,000 but smaller budgets are welcome
Eligibility Full-time AU tenured or tenure-track faculty, faculty-in-residence, or faculty on multi-year contracts eligible to submit proposals. Faculty from the Washington College of Law are not eligible.

NOVEMBER 30, 2010 at 5:00 PM, TO THE

General Guidelines

  • Funds are awarded only to faculty who:
    • Are full-time tenured or tenure track faculty, faculty-in-residence, or faculty who are on multi-year contracts eligible to submit proposals
    • Submitted a final report for all previous Faculty Research Support Grants
  • All grants will be evaluated on merit. However, once reviewers have determined which proposals are fundable, priority for funding is given to faculty who have not received a Faculty Research Support Grant in the last five years.
  • The funding period from the proposed project is one AU fiscal year, May 1 to April 30.If desired, the funds from the Faculty Research Support Award can support a portion of a larger project. If this is the case, the proposal should carefully delineate the portion of the larger project that can be completed during the funding period. In the rare instances when the project cannot be completed during the one year period, the recipient of the grant must provide an explanation in writing to the Vice Provost for Graduate Studies and Research requesting an extension of the funding period. This must be received no later than April 1. It is advisable to discuss this situation with the VP before submitting the request.
  • Budget items may include summer salary for the primary investigator, course release for the primary investigator during the academic year for no more than one course, graduate student or undergraduate student support during the summer and/or the academic year, travel to off-campus sites to conduct research, equipment or supplies, or other expenses directly related to the proposed research.
  • These funds will be transferred to a research account specifically created for the recipient of the funds. Faculty assume the responsibility of managing this account, using all appropriate AU procedures. They should work with the appropriate budget officer in their school or college to manage this account in conformity with appropriate AU procedures.
  • A letter of support from the Dean of the applicant’s academic unit or the Dean’s designate is required.
  • Faculty may use these funds in conjunction with funds from their dean if more than the maximum of $10,000 is needed to complete the project. This support is not required and does not make the proposal more competitive
  • All communication about proposals and their review is considered confidential. Information about funding of specific proposals can be communicated only from the Vice Provost for Graduate Studies and Research.

Proposal Review Process

All proposals submitted to the Faculty Research Support Grants competition are reviewed by members of the Research Grants Committee. The Research Grants Committee includes faculty who are former recipients of AU’s Research Award and ad hoc members as needed. The final composition of the committee will consist of faculty qualified to review projects across all fields of research, scholarship, professional and creative activities. Reviews and rankings of the proposals will be discussed by the full committee, which then makes recommendations to the Vice Provost for Graduate Studies and Research who notifies applicants of the results of the review. All applicants receive feedback from the committee on their proposals. The evaluation form used in the review process can be viewed at (

Commitment on Receipt of a Faculty Research Support Grant

Acceptance of a Faculty Research Grant carries with it certain responsibilities. Recipients agree to:

  • Submit a final report on the appropriate form ( to the Vice Provost for Graduate Studies and Research by November 1, 2012. Award reports must have been submitted before a faculty member is eligible for a merit increase.
  • Follow all AU purchasing, travel, and personnel guidelines, working with the appropriate budget officer in their school or college. Purchasing guidelines can be found at
  • Include an acknowledgement of support from AU on any publication or presentation of work funded fully or in part from a Faculty Research Support Grant.
  • Consider all equipment, manuscripts, microfilms, esearch apparatus, and other research materials purchased with grant funds to be the property of AU.
  • Reimburse AU for any expenditure in excess of the total budget, for charges not allowed, or for expenditures made beyond the grant expiration date.
  • Inform the Vice Provost of Graduate Studies and Research if the grantee terminates employment at American University during the funding period.
  • Release all grant funds remaining at the end of the grant period back to the Vice Provost of Graduate Studies and Research.
  • Sign a statement, that will be provided to those funded, agreeing to return to AU during the AY2012-2013. In the event that employment at AU is terminated before AY2012-2013, the recipient agrees to repay to AU all spent funds.
  • Present results of the project at an appropriate university occasion, if so requested.