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PhD Student Research Award Recipients 2011-12

Round II

By Dr. Rosemary Wander

Ph.D. Student Research Award List of Awardees

This year a new competitive program for funding doctoral student research was introduced at AU. Many strong proposals were submitted. After careful review by the Review Committee, the following individuals were named as recipients of the Doctoral Student Research Award. 

College of Arts and Sciences

Aaron Tyler Bell 

Proposal Entitled: “The Republican Party, ARENA, and the Future of El Salvador” 

Dissertation Director: Dr. Max Paul Friedman 

Abigail Conrad 

Proposal Entitled: “Permaculture Gardening: Investigating Food Security and Alternative Agriculture Among Smallholder Farmers in Malawi” 

Dissertation Director: Dr. David Vine 

Erin Hinchey 

Proposal Entitled: “Essays on the Relationships between Trade and Gender in the United States” 

Dissertation Director: Dr. Kara Reynolds 

Marya Hillesland 

Proposal Entitled: “Four weeks data preparation of new sex-disaggregated household level data in Ghana: preparation for analysis that investigates gender differences in risk behavior as reflected in differences in asset allocation decisions” 

Dissertation Director: Dr. Caren Grown 

Naomi Jagers 

Proposal Entitled: “Gambling on Transformation?: The Mega Casino, Identity & Inequality in Post-Apartheid Cape Town” 

Dissertation Director: Dr. Brett Williams 

Barbra Lukunka

Proposal Entitled: “Romanticizing Exile: Exploring Governance in the Reintegration of Burundian Returnees” 

Dissertation Director: Dr. Dolores Koenig

Julie Koppel Maldonado 

Proposal Entitled: “Local Experiences of Facing Environmental Change and Displacement in the Louisiana Bayou” 

Dissertation Director: Dr. Brett Williams 

Erica Munkwitz 

Proposal Entitled: “Straight Ahead and Over Everything: British Woman and Equestrian Sports, 1770-1930” 

Dissertation Director: Dr. Laura Beers

School of International Service 

Ryan Briggs

Proposal Entitled: “Aiding and Abetting: The influence of Foreign Assistance on African Election Outcomes. The Case of Malawi”

Dissertation Director: Dr. Deborah Brautigam 

Joshua Jones 

Proposal Entitled: “Protecting the Mission: The Case of the U.S. Army” 

Dissertation Director: Dr. Sharon Weiner

Holly Scott 

Proposal Entitled: “People of this Generation: Youth and the New Left” 

Dissertation Director: Dr. Peter Kuznick