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2012 Doctoral Student Research Award Winners

By Marshay Hall

We congratulate the following students who have received funding from American University to facilitate their doctoral research projects.


College of Arts & Sciences

Aaron Tyler Bell – History

“Transnational Conservatives and the Development of ARENA.”

Borislav Chernev – History

“The Future Depends on Brest-Litovsk”: War, Peace, and Revolution in Central and Eastern Europe, 1917-1918.

Rebecca DeWolf – History

“Amending Nature: The Equal Rights Amendment and Gendered Citizenship in the United States, 1920-1960.”

Kathryn Edwards – Psychology

“Effects of the Patch on Smoking Outcomes.”

Nicholas Ercole – History

“Conceiving Arab Nationalism: Culture, Diplomacy, the Genesis of US –Middle East Relations, 1919-1939.”

Mahri Irvine – Anthropology

“Criminialized Survival: Assessing Pathways of Incarcerated Sexual Violence Survivors.”

Lisa Maguire – History

“Colonial Governance in the Mediterranean: French Bureaucratic Practices in the Protectorates and Mandate, 1919-1939.”

Lauren McKown – Anthropology

“The Crescent and the Cross: Negotiating Norwegian Religious and National Identity.”

Shannon E. Mohan – History

“Foreign Policy from the White House: The First Secretary of the Government.”

Terumi Rafferty-Osaki – History

“Strictly Masculine:” Reforming and Performing Manhood at Tule Lake 1942-1946.

Holly Scott – History

“People of this Generation: Youth and the New Left.”

Abhilasha Srivastava – Economics

“The Persistence of Dowry in Modern India: An Inquiry in Social Economics.”

School of International Service

Sebastian Bitar

“Subordinate Sovereignty: US-Latin American Relations and Domestic Politics.”

Ryan Briggs 

“Aiding and Abetting: The Influence of foreign assistance on African election outcomes.”

Sheherazade Jafari 

“Bridging the Secular-Religious Divide within Transnational Women’s Movements? : Western-Muslim Partnerships for Women’s Rights.”

Tom Long 

“Convincing the Colossus: Latin American Leaders Face the United States.”


School of Public Affairs

Korneliya Bachiyska – Government 

“The More We Sweat in Peace, the Less We Bleed in War”: Regional Organizations and Conflict Prevention.

Alison Brooks – Justice, Law & Society

“Moving Forward: Two Approaches to Repairing the Harm Through Restorative Justice.”

Jennifer Yelle – Government

“Violence and Justice in Mexico.”