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Graduate Research Award: Jamila Aisha Brown

Jamila Aisha Brown

Jamila Aisha Brown

SIS/MA '11, Masters in International Service


As a member of the workforce, Brown's work suits her studies toward the Master's in International Service executive degree (with concentrations in International Peace and Conflict Resolution and International Development). She is the founder of Global Awareness Project Consulting, a group that focuses on initiatives and target-specific programs for communities of color.

With an interest in the Afro-Central American community (commonly called Garifuna) and the effects that mega-tourism has on the Garifuna, their culture, and lands, Brown will use her Graduate Research Award to travel to Costa Rica to participate in the Organizacion Negra Centroamericana's General Assembly. As she examines the double-edged sword of tourism ("despite a strong desire to see social and economic development in their traditional lands," Brown explains, "in some cases, tourism has presented a threat to land titles and an increase in pollution"), she will begin her independent study about the Garifuna's response to international development.