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Graduate Research Award: Zuleqa Husain

Zuleqa Husain, SIS/MA '10

Zuleqa Husain, SIS/MA '10

Zuleqa Husain

SIS/MA '10, International Media


International media, says Husain, "straddle[s] the worlds of media analysis and mass communication." As an intern with WAMU's Kojo Nnamdi Show, a former producer with Voice of America, and a current intern with Al-Jazeera International, she is aware of the power and immediacy of the media today. Husain used her graduate research award to fund expenses relating to her research and filming project in Hyderabad, India.

"I hope that the story will be ... powerful, as the strength of this documentary comes from the stories and places that" her subject, Haji Kurban Husain, lived, a Muslim businessman in pre-Independence India. "In his 99 years on this earth, it is his impact in this particular society that I am documenting," she explains.

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