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Profile: Eunjung Park

The slums aren't nearly as romantic as Hollywood (or Bollywood) makes them out to be. SIS student Eunjung Park, SIS/MA '09, researches dispute resolutions in a Kenyan slum.

Profile: Greg Dupuy

Have we left the Atomic Age? SIS/MA '09 candidate Greg Dupuy investigates.

Profile: Joanna Hurlburt

World traveler Joanna Hurlburt, SIS/MA '10, presented a paper at a conference close to home.

Profile: Anne Hainer

SIS graduate student Anne Hainer, SIS/MA '09, takes on crumbling African democracies and the leaders who are bringing them down.

Profile: Corbett Hix

How fair is fair? SIS/MA '09 candidate Corbett Hix investigates working conditions in Southeast Asian factories.

Profile: Carrie Brochu

SIS/MA student looks at the Middle East Peace Process from where it all happens.