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BTG in the Media, 2013

BTG in the Media

Hector Perla "U.S. foreign policy provoked immigration crisis" SFGate, July 12.

Ely Ratner and Michèle Flournoy "China’s territorial advances must be kept in check by the United States" The Washington Post, July 4.

Séverine Autesserre "‘Everyday’ Ways to Fix Peacekeeping" Interview with Cicero Magazine, July 3.

Scott Radnitz "Memories of Manas: What Central Asia Taught America about Geopolitics" The National Interest , June 30.

Séverine Autesserre "‘Everyday’ Ways to Fix Peacekeeping" Interview with Cicero Magazine, July 3.

Scott Radnitz "Memories of Manas: What Central Asia Taught America about Geopolitics" The National Interest , June 30.

Matthew Kroenig, Matthew Gratias, Steven Weber "Heading Off Iranian Nuclear Weapons" Scholar Strategy Network, June 02.

Séverine Autesserre, "The everyday politics of international intervention" The Washington Post, June 27.

Payam Mohseni, "ISIS Challenge in Iraq: Why America Should Work with Iran" The National Interest, June 16.

Jeff Colgan, "Mechanisms of informal governance: evidence from the IEA" Journal of International Relations and Development, June 13.

Scott Moore, "Pollution Without Revolution: Why China's Environmental Crisis Won't Bring Down the Regime" Foreign Affairs, June 10.

Eric Lorber and Peter D. Feaver, "Penalty Box: How Sanctions Trap Policymakers" Foreign Affairs, June 6.

Gaurav Kampani, "New Delhi's Long Nuclear Journey" International Security, Spring 2014.

Tanisha Fazal: "Where Have All the Peace Treaties Gone?" The Global Observatory, Nov 14.

Stephen Kaplan: Opinion piece, "How the Debt Ceiling Threatens to Turn the U.S. into an Economic Turkey," Monkey Cage Blog, Oct 21.

Jeff Colgan: Policy Brief, "Oil, Conflict, and U.S. National Interests” published by the Belfer Center at Harvard, Oct 2013.

Jeff Colgan: Opinion Piece, "40 Years after the oil crisis: Could it happen again?" Monkey Cage Blog, Oct 16.

Bruce Jentleson: Opinion Piece, "MOOC-ing About in High Tech Ed and High End Global Dialogue," Huffington Post, Oct 15.

Tana Johnson: Opinion Piece, "An Abdication of Global Governance? Why We Must Take a Closer Look at International Bureaucrats," Global Policy Blog, Sept 19.

Dawn Murphy: Interviewed on China's role in the Syrian crisis, The China Forum, Sept 22.

Bruce Jentleson: Cited in, "The Intervention of Least Resistance," Slate, Aug 30.

Dara Cohen: Featured in, "Social Scientists Seek New Ways to Influence Public Policy," Chronicle of Higher Education, Aug 30.

Kimberly Marten: Interviewed on U.S.-Russia Relations, Karen Finney's "Disrupt" show, MSNBC, Aug 11.

Kimberly Marten: Interviewed on U.S.-Russia Relations, "Ekho Nedelii," RTVi, Aug 9.

Kimberly Marten: Interviewed on U.S.-Russia Relations,"The Takeaway," WNYC's (NPR), Aug 8.

Kimberly Marten: Opinion Piece, “The Bane of Palestinian Fighting,” International Herald Tribune, July 26.

Jordan Tama: Quoted in, "Rand Paul’s suggestion he looks to Eisenhower for 'inspiration and guidance,'" Washington Post, July 24

David Blagden: Interviewed on the UK's nuclear review, BBC Radio, July 17.

David Blagden: Opinion Piece, "Reducing Britain's nuclear capability would be a grave mistake," The Guardian, July 12.

Ami Abou-bakr: Interviewed on, “Can you have a democratic coup?” BBC Today, July 4.

Lawrence Rubin: Interviewed on the situation in Egypt, NPR, July 3.

Kimberly Marten: Interviewed on Putin's decisions regarding the Snowden case, WYNC radio show, July 2.

Dawn Murphy: Testified before the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission on “China and the Middle East,” June 6.

Jeff Colgan: Cited in "Energy Journal: OPEC Keeps a Lid on Simmering Tensions,” Money Beat, May 31.

Jeff Colgan: Quoted in, “Energiewende "Made in America,” Deutsche Welle, May 31.

Sarah Bush: Quoted in "The US Democracy Project,” National Interest, May 1.

Jelena Subotic: Interviewed on the ongoing war crime trials at the Hague. BBC News, March 28. 

David Malet: Interviewed on the insurgency in Syria, SBS World News, March 20.

Joshua Busby and Jordan Tama: Article, "Congress is Already Post-Partisan : Agreement Across the Aisle on U.S. Foreign Policy,” Foreign Affairs, January 28.


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