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On-Campus Immersion

Executive Leadership and On-Campus Immersion

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One of our most valuable program components is the opportunity to connect with classmates and faculty, build lasting and professional relationships with them, and develop real-world skills directly applicable to students' professional lives.

To foster this development, Master of International Service executive students participate in an on-campus immersion as part of their curriculum requirements. Our bi-annual immersion weekend provides student the opportunity to

- to join their classmates and peers in-person to actively expand their networks, 

- work with processionals on branding their career and develop a professional strategy,

- personally engage with leaders in the international community, and

- network at high-performing international relations organizations in the nation's capital.




During the immersion weekend, students will also have the opportunity to participate in the first half of our popular hybrid course Executive Leadership course. In this highly interactive class, students will deliberate topics such as 

- decision-making, 

- strategic communication, 

- change and crisis management, and 

- their own leadership strengths.  


Below are the dates for the next two on-campus Immersions, and associated career development events.

Summer 2017: April 27-30, 2017*

Fall 2017: August 24-27, 2017**

*Students attending the summer Immersion are eligible to participate in the Immersion Career Panel Program. This career event is designed to facilitate career exploration and networking specifically for MAIR and MIS students. Over the course of a morning, students attend one of several concurrent career panels followed by a networking session. Each panel consists of a career-related discussion with three different professionals working in the same industry area. Following the panel, students will have a chance to connect with professionals from the other panels/industry areas.

**Students attending the fall Immersion are eligible to participate in the SIS Site Visit Program. The SIS Site Visit Program is an annual career event designed to facilitate career exploration and networking for the school's graduate students. Over the course of a day, students travel with a small group of peers to the D.C. offices of three different employers working in the same industry area. Each visit includes a presentation about the organization's mission and services, career paths, and hiring processes.


For an example of a previous immersion agenda, check out the agenda for our Fall 2016 Immersion (Please note: subsequent Immersion experiences are subject to change).

The on campus immersion weekends provide students with countless opportunities to expand their reach and forge lasting relationships. See photos below for previous immersion highlights!