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International Studies Track

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Brandy Pech
Program Coordinator


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The International Studies Track of the Master of International Service program offers students who are enrolled in or have recently completed a master’s degree at a partner university the opportunity to gain additional academic training in an applied international affairs concentration.

The School of International Service offers concentrations in the fields of:

Moreover, the MIS program provides practical opportunities for students to apply their knowledge themselves: The School of International Service is happy to facilitate internship opportunities in your field of interest, offers the popular practicum series that conveys real world experience in project management and consulting, provides professional development workshops in skills institutes, and entertains a number of summer abroad programs.

To learn more about the application process, contact mis@american.edu.


The courses offered in the International Studies Track of the Master in International Service are designed to complement student’s preexisting graduate studies, while allowing them to take full advantage of the expertise and facilities at the School of International Service. The School maintains a strong research faculty with many scholar-practitioners among them. Master of International Service students in the International Studies Track benefit from the wealth of academic and practical knowledge at the School of International Service, as well as from the variety of public dialogues, research programs, and practical opportunities conveyed through courses and opportunities at the School.