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About the School of International Service

Student Organizations

The School prides itself on a long tradition of student activism, and a variety of opportunities are in place for current students who wish to be involved. Student groups have helped to endow scholarships, been a catalyst for changes in the curriculum, helped the poor and disaffected in the United States and overseas, and supported various programs with recruitment, alumni relations, and student life. Volunteering with various organizations offers students a chance to make a lasting impact in the life of the School, the University, and the community and to truly enhance their time in the School.

SIS Graduate Student Council

International Communication Student Forum

International Development Program Student Association

Society for Peace and Conflict Resolution (SPCR)

Creative Peace Initiatives (CPI)

Dialogue Development Group (DDG)

Society for Ethics, Peace & Global Affairs (SEPGA) -- E-mail Contact

AU Student Government

AU Student Confederation

AU Graduate Leadership Council

Student Organization for African Studies

U.S. Foreign Policy Association

Delta Phi Epsilon, Pi Chapter, the Professional Foreign Service Fraternity

Delta Phi Epsilon, Pi Chapter, the Professional Foreign Service Sorority

Clocks and Clouds, the AU undergraduate research journal