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School of International Service Admissions

Grad Admissions FAQs: Deadlines/Admission Decision

If I do not want to be considered for merit-based financial aid, can I submit my application after the posted deadline?
We do have “rolling admissions,” which means you can submit your application after the fall deadline if you do not want to be considered for merit-based aid. However, we encourage prospective students to apply as early as possible to ensure consideration for the semester to which they applied.

When will I hear from the admissions committee?
If your file was complete by the deadline, you should hear from us in early to mid-April. Otherwise, you will hear from us on a rolling basis.

Do you have a spring admissions cycle?
We do have a small spring admissions cycle for the MA program. The deadline for consideration for merit-based aid is October 1, and September 15 for international students. This is a hard deadline; any applications received after those dates will be considered for fall admission. There is no spring admissions cycle for the PhD program or the dual master’s program in Natural Resources and Sustainable Development with the University for Peace in Costa Rica.

Is the spring admissions cycle competition easier?
No. For the spring admissions cycle, the number of applicants decreases and so does the number of students admitted. The acceptance rate, therefore, remains the same.

Can I defer my admission once admitted to your school? Will I be able to keep my merit-based financial aid?
You can defer up to one year from your semester of admission with approval from the admissions office and upon receipt of your seat deposit. To request a deferral, send an e-mail or letter to the Office of Graduate Admissions indicating the reason for your deferral request and the semester to which you want to defer. Any merit award granted for your original semester of admission cannot be carried over to your deferred semester. You will be reconsidered for merit aid for the next admission cycle, although the award is not guaranteed. JD/MA and BA/MA applicants cannot defer.

If I have been denied admission to SIS, can I reapply?
Students denied admission to SIS must wait one academic year from the date of their original application to reapply. Such candidates are encouraged to contact the Graduate Admissions Office for advice on strengthening their applications. BA/MA candidates may reapply the following semester as traditional MA students, and therefore must take the GRE examination.

If I have been admitted to SIS previously and wish to reapply, how do I do so?
Please contact the SIS Office of Graduate Admissions for guidelines.