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Conference 2009

The Consequences of Political Inclusion in Africa

On April 24th to 25th 2009, The Council on African Studies organized a workshop that took place on campus exploring the various impacts of power sharing arrangements, coalition governments, and other dimensions of inclusive governance on government performance and democratic consolidation in Africa.

While earlier generation of social science literature focused on the ability of such arrangements to promote peace, this meeting brought together 25 scholars and practitioners from within the USA, Canada, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe who weighed in the benefits against the potential adverse effects on fiscal discipline, policy bargaining or political accountability.


During the workshop, the following papers were presented:

  1. Hobbling along to Pay-offs: The Kenya Grand Coalition Government, by Prof. Karuti Kanyinga
  2. The Consequences of Political Inclusion In African, 1990 – 2008, by Prof. Carl Levan and Prof. Assen Assenov
  3. The Accountability Function of the Parliament of Ghana, by Rick Stapenhurst and Michael Alandu
  4. Power-Sharing in Kenya, by Jeremy Horowitz, Ph.D Candidate
  5. Elections in Africa: Are They Instruments of Democracy? by Prof. Wonbin Cho
  6. Zimbabwe's Power Sharing Agreement, by Prof. Eldred V. Masunungure

Follow the above links to access the papers in PDF format. The Africa Council suggests that all papers and references to the papers are properly cited and authors given credits for their work.