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Events, Academic Year 2006-2007

“State Collapse and the Current Crisis in Somalia,” with Professor Ken Menkhaus, Davidson College (October 11).

Film screening of “Live and Become,” film screening cosponsored with the Center for Israel Studies (March 21).

“The Imam and the Pastor,” film on religious reconciliation in Nigeria. (March 28).

“Youth Agency and State Incapacity in Post-War Sierra Leone,” with Ibrahim Abdullah (April 4).

“China’s New Engagement with Africa: Opportunity and Challenge” Conference, cosponsored with Johns Hopkins University. This conference was attended by diplomats, representatives of the private sector, and leading scholars from the United States, Europe, and Africa (April 6-7).

“Designing Better Electoral Systems for Emerging Democracies,” with Joel Barkan, Professor Emeritus, University of Iowa (April 11).

“Do No Harm: the Effects of African Health Professional Emigration,” with Michael Clemens, Center for Global Development (April 18).

“China in Africa: ‘Rogue Donor’ or ‘Good Friend’?” with Deborah Brautigam, American University (April 25).

Governance and Development:
Reassessing and Reinventing Power Sharing and Decentralization in Africa

African Studies Association Workshop, Annual Meeting 2011

Hosted at American University
Wednesday, November 16

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