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Events, Academic Year 2007-2008

“Managing Federal-State Conflicts: the Role of Nigeria’s Supreme Court,” with Professor Rotimi Suberu, Research Fellow, United States Institute of Peace (September 5)

“Does America Owe Her Africans?” Congressman John Conyers, Jr., Chair of the House Judiciary Committee and the second most senior member of the US House of Representatives, discussed the lasting legacy of the trans-Atlantic slave trade and explained his proposal for a reparations study (October 9).

“Statelessness and Self-Determination in Somaliland,” with Lynn Fredriksson is Africa Advocacy Director for Amnesty International and a Ph.D. Candidate from the University of Wisconsin, Madison (October 25).

“The Nigerian Factor: Corruption and Its Discontents,” with Dr. Daniel Jordan Smith, Associate professor of Anthropology at Brown University (November 2)

“Charting Africa’s Chinese Future,” with Chris Alden, Senior Lecturer in the Department of International Relations, London School of Economics (November 9).

“Remembering Rwandan Genocide: Testimony, Denial, and Artistic Responses” with Professor Jean-Pierre Karegeye, French Department, University of California, Berkeley (November 16).

“Africa’s Oil, America’s AFRICOM, and the Global War on Terror.”  Dr. Carl LeVan chaired a discussion with Dr. Daniel Volman, Director of the African Security Research Project, Emira Woods, co-director of Foreign Policy in Focus at the Institute for Policy Studies, Nicole Lee, Executive Director of TransAfrica Forum, and Dr. James Mittleman, University Professor, American University.  The Africa Faith and Justice Network helped organize the event (November 28).

“The Gender of Consensus: African Perspectives on Domestic Violence and Female Genital Cutting Laws,” with Saida Hodzic, Assistant Professor of Women's Studies at George Mason University (December 5).

“Organizing Opposition: Strengthening Civil Society in Zimbabwe,” with Tapera Kapuya, coordinator of the South Africa office of the National Constitutional Assembly and a current Fellow at the National Endowment for Democracy (January 16)

First annual “Africa Career Night” which brought over 130 students, alumni, and recruiters to campus for an evening of networking and mentoring.  The event was co-sponsored by the Student Organization for African Studies, the SIS Alumni Office, and the AU Career Center (January 23).

“Population Policy in Nigeria: Malthus, the World Bank, and a Charismatic Leader,” with Dr. Rachel Sullivan Robinson of SIS (January 31).

“The Individual and International Service: Opportunities for Development Experience in Uganda,” an informational session about opportunities for volunteering with the Arlington Academy of Hope (February 5).

“Bush Administration Peace-Building in Africa,” with Ambassador Dane Smith of SIS (February 13).

“Zimbabwe: Now What? A discussion on the future of Zimbabwe,” with Otto Saki, National Program Coordinator, Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights, and Mr. Tapera Kapuya, Fellow, National Endowment for Democracy, co-sponsored with the Student Organization for African Studies (February 29).

“Southern Africa in the 17th Century and Beyond,” with Her Excellency, Hawa Ndilowe, Ambassador of Malawi (March 17).

“Reconciliation and Development Bonds in South Africa,” with Professor Daniel Bradlow, Washington College of Law (March 19)

“The Liberian Truth and Reconciliation Commission: A Panel Discussion,”
Dr. Susan Shepler organized a panel discussion with Rev. Gerald Coleman, a lead Commissioner for the Liberian TRC.  AU graduate students, a lawyer from Akin Kump, and others discussed how they have helped receive testimony from the Diaspora to be entered into the TRC’s official record (March 25).

“The Debt of Dictators” a film screening and discussion with Kristin Sundell, Director of Advocacy and Organizing at Jubilee USA (March 26).

Reception for Her Excellency Mama Salma Kikwete, First Lady of Tanzania, organized in partnership with the deans of SIS and SOC (April 8).

“The Darfur Crisis,” Dr. Carl LeVan chaired a panel discussion with the Ambassador of Chad, the UN Special to Kofi Annan on Genocide Prevision, the Senior Officer for Sudan from the State Department, and the Advocacy Director of the Genocide Intervention Network.  The panel was organized by the Kennedy Political Union and co-sponsored by the Africa Council and Darfur Action (March 27).  Click here to leave American University’s website and watch this program on C-SPAN.

“Darfur and Defining Genocide,”
a panel discussion chaired by Dr. Carl LeVan and organized by the Jewish Student Association in connection with Holocaust Remembrance Week (April 14).

“AFRICOM: What is the Pentagon Up to in Africa?”
the Africa Council co-organized this event with the University Chaplain.  Dr. LeVan introduced the panelists: Mike Bittrick, the State Department’s Regional Security Affairs Officer for Africa; Emira Woods, co-director of Foreign Policy in Focus; and Ambassador Dane Smith of SIS (April 16).

“Elections in Africa,” a panel discussion chaired by Dr. Carl LeVan.  The event was organized in collaboration with the Public Affairs Section of the State Department, to celebrate the shared 50th Anniversaries of the State Department’s Africa Bureau and the School of International Service. The SIS Graduate Student Council also chaired the event.  Panelists included the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Dr. Chris Fomunyoh from the National Democratic Institute, and the former U.S. Ambassador to Kenya, and Professor James Mittleman of SIS (April 23).

Governance and Development:
Reassessing and Reinventing Power Sharing and Decentralization in Africa

African Studies Association Workshop, Annual Meeting 2011

Hosted at American University
Wednesday, November 16

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