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African Students Organization (ASO)

The purpose of the African Students Organization (ASO) at American University is to promote an interest and a general awareness Africa and African related issues, events, topics, etc. on campus and within the surrounding communities. Email

Student Organization for African Studies (SOFAS)

Darfur Action/STAND

Darfur Action is a group devoted to raising awareness, fundraising money, and promoting political action for the ongoing genocide and humanitarian crisis in the Darfur region of Sudan. An estimated 400 thousand civilians have been murdered and over 1.5 million driven from their homes by the Sudanese government-supported militias known as the Janjaweed. Refugees have been flooding into neighboring Chad, but the majority remains inside Sudan. Thousands more die each month from lack of adequate food, water, healthcare and shelter. After the horrors of the Holocaust, we promised that “never again” would the world sit back and allow such atrocities to occur. Yet, again and again, in Yugoslavia, Kosovo, Cambodia, Rwanda and others, genocide did occur; and again today the Sudan continues to be ravaged by the horrors of yet another genocide. We can not stand idly by as hundreds of thousands of people are slaughtered, we can not yet again break the promise of “never again.” Email

Invisible Children

Governance and Development:
Reassessing and Reinventing Power Sharing and Decentralization in Africa

African Studies Association Workshop, Annual Meeting 2011

Hosted at American University
Wednesday, November 16

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