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Upcoming Events

  • Nuhu Ribadu, “Addressing Corruption in Nigeria”
    Former head of Nigeria’s Economic and Financial Crimes Commission
    Tuesday, March 2nd from 1-2:30 pm
    Nuhu Ribadu is a visiting fellow at the Center for Global Development. He is currently writing a book about his experience combating corruption as the head of of Nigeria’s Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).  At CGD he is researching fresh thinking on the role of international institutions in combating corruption, drawing upon his experience on several Nigerian economic management teams. Nuhu was awarded with the World Bank’s Jit Gill Memorial Award for Outstanding Public Service.
  • In Collaboration with the Progressive Initiative for Cameroon, the Africa Council and SIS will be hosting a conference on:
    The State of Democracy in Cameroon, 50 Years After Independence
    This conference will bring together Cameroonians and supporters of democracy in Cameroon to participate in evaluating, discussing, planning, and re-engaging the country’s democratization. The goal is to critically evaluate the democratization process and reinvigorate national and international debate on Cameroon’s democratization efforts by examining the best strategies to promote and move the process forward.  This event is cosponsored by the SIS Dean’s Office in collaboration with the Diaspora-based organization, Progressive Initiative for Cameroon.  To register or for other details, go to http://www.picam.org/events/democracy/home.htm. Read the full Conference Schedule here (PDF).

For more information or directions to events, contact africacouncil@american.edu or Dr. Carl LeVan at (202) 885-2457 or levan@american.edu.

Governance and Development:
Reassessing and Reinventing Power Sharing and Decentralization in Africa

African Studies Association Workshop, Annual Meeting 2011

Hosted at American University
Wednesday, November 16

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