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Networking and Recruitment

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To recruit and hire an Eagle (student or alumnus/a) for a job or internship with your organization, please contact Alumni Career Programs Coordinator Pat Oltmann.

If you are an SIS alumnus/a seeking career services, we invite you to schedule an appointment and to learn more about the resources available to you through the SIS Office of Career Development.

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10 Easy Steps to Connect with the SIS Global Alumni Network

Students and alumni are encouraged to take advantage of their American University connection to build new, professional relationships. Investing in an AU degree includes leveraging access to the SIS Global Alumni Network. The following 10 easy steps will help you build relationships and connect with SIS classmates and alumni around the world.

  1. Create a LinkedIn profile.
  2. Join the American University School of International Service (official) LinkedIn group. If you are a student, your profile must be reviewed by your career advisor prior to being accepted into the online networking group.
  3. Take advantage of LinkedIn's strong search capabilities to find other alumni.
    • Use the Advanced search feature by clicking on advanced at the top of the main landing page next to the search box. Use quotes around "American University" in the school box to find other connections that share the similar school.
    • Utilize the Classmate search as another way to find AU alumni.
  4. If you are not a paying LinkedIn member, you are not able to write e-mail messages to others that you are not connected to. You could always ask to be introduced through a shared connection or ask to be connected. However, if they do not know you, an e-mail prior to requesting a connection might make the most sense and garner the best results.
  5. As students and alumni, you have free access the AU Online Alumni Directory.
  6. Register and log-in to the AU Alumni Association site.
  7. Type the names of the individuals you found on LinkedIn that you would like to connect with via an e-mail message.
  8. AU alumni accepting e-mail messages through the AU Alumni Online Directory will have an envelope icon next to their name.
  9. Click on the envelope icon, write your message and hit send. (Tip: If you need assistance drafting an appropriate e-mail message, please contact your career advisor. There are different strategies depending on the sender's needs and goals.)
  10. AU alumni you send messages to through the AU Alumni Online Directory will receive your message in their personal e-mail inbox (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, etc.). Should they choose to write you back, you will then have their personal e-mail address.

Please Note:

  • The names you find in LinkedIn might not appear in the AU Online Alumni Directory. This could be because their names have changed since they last attended AU. Their LinkedIn profiles may reflect name changes that they have not yet shared with AU.
  • The AU Alumni Online Directory's data and results are only has strong as the information alumni provide the university.
  • AU cannot guarantee that reaching out to alumni through the AU Alumni Online Directory will generate a response.