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SIS Alumni

Dean's Council

SIS Deans Advisory Council 2014

The primary purpose of the Dean’s Council is to provide advice and support to the Dean of the School of International Service (SIS) in accomplishing strategic goals for the school. All members of the Dean’s Council are leaders in their respective fields. The members of the Dean’s Council serve as advocates for SIS to promote a greater awareness of SIS nationally and internationally.


  • James Goldgeier
    Dean, School of International Service
    American University
  • Alan Fleischmann, Chair, SIS/BA '87, SPA/BS '87
    Founder and President
    Laurel Strategies, Inc.
    Co-Founder & Board Member
    ImagineNations Groups
  • Janice M. Abraham, SIS/BA '79
    President and CEO
    United Educators Insurance
  • Alexandros Aldous, WCL/JD '05, SIS/MA '06
    General Counsel & Corporate Secretary
    The Chefs' Warehouse
  • Esther Benjamin, SIS/MA '92, CAS/MA '95
    CEO for Africa Operations
    Laureate Education, Inc.
  • Justin Cooper, SPA/BA '00
    Foxcroft Strategy Group, LLC
  • Akram Elias
    Capital Communications Group
  • Stephen C. Embry, SIS/BA '71
    Senior Partner
    Embry & Neusner
  • Thomas Gottschalk
    Of Counsel
    Kirkland & Ellis
  • David Gregory, SIS/BA '92
    Distinguished Journalist in Residence
    School of International Service
  • Lawrence S.C. Griffith, M.D.
    Professor of Medicine
    Clayton Heart Center, Johns Hopkins University Hospital
  • Fruzsina Harsanyi, SIS/BA '64, SIS/MA '67, SPA/PhD '72
    Harsanyi Consulting LLC
    Senior Adviser
    Public Affairs Council
  • Mehdi Heravi, SIS/PhD '67
    Retired Professor
  • Joanne Hill, SIS/BA '70
    Head of Investment Strategy
    Profunds Group
  • Frank Islam
    Chairman and CEO
    FI Investment Group, LLC
  • Robert McNally, SPA/BA '87
    The Rapidan Group
  • Dorothy A. Moore, CAS/MA '59, CAS/EdD '70
    Professor Emerita
    George Washington University
  • Sherry L. Mueller, SIS/BA '65
    President Emerita
    National Council for International Visitors
  • Ambassador Joan M. Plaisted, SIS/BA '67, SIS/MA '69
    Senior Adviser for Asia
    U.S. Mission to the United Nations
  • Ambassador Dennis B. Ross
    Washington Institute for Near East Affairs
  • Peter Scher, SPA/BA '83, WCL/JD '87
    Executive Vice President of Global Government Relations and Public Policy
    JP Morgan Chase & Co
  • Christopher Schroeder
  • Jeffrey A. Sine, SIS/BA '76
    The Raine Group, LLC
  • Kantathi Suphamongkhon, SIS/MA '78
    University of California, Los Angeles
  • Ambassador Clyde Taylor, SIS/MIS '61
    Former Executive Director
    Una Chapman Cox Foundation
  • Marcy Owens Test, SIS/BA '89
    Senior Vice President
  • Cynthia Warshaw, SIS/BA '93
    International Trade Expert
  • Matthew Warshaw, SIS/BA '94
    Vice President
    D3 Systems, Inc.
  • Ho-I Wu, SIS/PhD '82
    Vice President
    Peace Technology, Inc.
  • Scott Wylie, SIS/MA '82
    Co-Founder, Chairman, & CEO
    First Western Trust Bank

SIS Young Alumni & Friends Committee

group of students and Dean Goldgeier waving miniature flags

The purpose of the SIS Dean's Young Alumni & Friends Committee is to provide an opportunity for young alumni and friends to contribute as an advisor, promoter, and motivator within the SIS community and beyond. Committee members serve a two-year term.


  • Robert Brodell, SIS/BA '11, SIS/MA '12
    Senior Manager, AML Compliance, Sanctions Advisory Capital One
  • Shanna E., SIS/BA '05, SIS/MA '06
    Regional Representative, U.S. Government
  • George C. Tagg, Jr., WCL/JD '07, SIS/MA '08
    Special Assistant to the Deputy Secretary of State, U.S. Department of State
  • Babak Hafezi, SIS/BA '01, SIS/MA '03, SPA/MS '05, Kogod/MBA '09
    CEO, HafeziCapital, LLC
  • Ben Sander, SIS/BA '06, SIS/MA '10
    Travel Program Manager, National Parks Conservation Association
  • Alana Fook, SIS/MA '12
    Consultant, The World Bank
  • Chris Evanson, SIS/BA '15
  • Christopher Crosbie, SIS/BA '12
    Assistant, The Office of Management and Budget, The White House
  • Davina Durgana, SIS/PhD '15
    Senior Practitioner Faculty & Associate Professor, SIT Graduate Institute
  • Emily Adams, SIS/MA '15
    Lieutenant, U.S. Navy
  • Erick Mathias Marin Muller, SIS/MA '12
    Consultant, Inter-American Development Bank
  • Evan Carlson, SIS/MA '13
    Regional Director, Climate Action Change
  • Han Chen, SIS/BA '10
    International Climate Advocate, National Resources Defense Council 
  • Karli Kloss, SIS/MA '15
    Analyst & Communications Specialist, M Powered Strategies
  • Kyle Livingston, SIS/MA '15
    Country Desk Officer, Peace Corps
  • Lucas Olson, SIS/MA '16
    Research Assistant and Social Entrepreneur
  • Michael Calabrese, SIS/MA '15
    Symtech Corporation
  • Nausheen Rajan, SIS/BA '16
    Andi Leadership Institute Peacebuilding and Leadership Program for Young Women
  • Nicholas Acosta, SIS/MA '12
    Strategic Communications Specialist, Bureau of Asia, USAID
  • Nile Johnson, SIS/MA '11
  • Rebecca Bock, SIS/BA '15
    Office Management Specialist, U.S. Department of State
  • Ritanch Hans, SIS/BA '13, Kogod/MS '15
    Business Analyst, Grant Thorton, LLP
  • Sara Scott Robb, SIS/BA '13
    Operations Assistant, Visonary Wild
  • Sam Cho, SIS/BA '13
    Special Assistant to the Deputy Administrator, General Service Administration, The White House
  • Subomi Johnson, Kogod/BS '11, Kogod/MS '13
    International Tax Consultant II, Deloitte