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Center for Asian Studies | Hunsberger Lecture Series

In honor of the Center for Asian Studies founder, Dr. Warren S. Hunsberger, the Center for Asian Studies hosts the Hunsberger Lecture which brings an eminent scholar in the field of Asian studies to the Washington DC area to speak on an issue of immediate interest. The lecture is followed by a reception which provides students and the public an opportunity to meet the esteemed lecturer and discuss relevant matters of interest.

Hunsberger lectures have included:


Hugh Patrik, Columbia University, “A Conversation on the condition of the Japanese Economy”


Akira Iriye, Harvard University, “Transnationalizing East Asian History”


Kenneth Pyle, University of Washington, “The Primacy of Foreign Policy in Japan”

 Akira Iriye, Harvard University, “Transnationalizing East Asian History”


Roderick MacFarquhar, Harvard University, “Chinese Politics: Out of Bad Things Come Good Things”


Leo Suryadinata, Nanyang Technological University (Singapore), “China and Ethnic Chinese in a Globalizing Southeast Asia”


Gil Rozman, Princeton University, “Looking Beyond the North Korean Nuclear Crisis: How the Major Powers View the Korean Peninsula”


Richard Samuels, MIT, “The Odd Couple: Political Leadership in Italy and Japan”


Robert A. Scalapino, Harvard University, “The Prospects for East Asian’s Tension Spots: North Korea and Taiwan”


Susan Pharr, Harvard University, “Civil Society in Political Change in East Asia”


Kent Calder, Princeton University, “Political Reform in Japan: What is Needed, What is Possible”


Carol Gluck, Columbia University, “Present Pasts: World War II in Japanese Memory”


Gerald Curtis, Columbia University, “Japan: What’s New and What’s Not”


Donald Emmerson, Stanford University, “Indonesia’s Quest: the Elusiveness of Democracy”


Ezra Vogel, Harvard University, “Japan’s Response to the Rise of China”


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