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NAFTA in the New Millennium

By: Edward J. Chambers (Editor), Peter H. Smith (Editor), M. V. B. Perley

Book Description

The North American Free Trade Agreement binds Canada, Mexico, and the United States together in an ambitious and far-rearching experiment in regional economic integration. As we enter the new milennium, a central concern is whether NAFTA should be amended or reformed and how it might become the foundation for a hemispheric Free Trade of the Americas (FTAA). To assess these possibilities, NAFTA in the New Milennium raises key questions:

  • How has NAFTA performed and how has it affected the member countries?

  • Is there popular support for NAFTA in Canada, Mexico, and the United States?

  • What are the prospects for change in the foreseeable future and for the longer term?

  • How does NAFTA fit into the still-evolving world economy? What is its relationship to other regional integration schemes and to multilateral connections on a global scale?

Prominent contributers from Canada, Mexico, and the United States examine broad dimensions of NAFTA's history, politics, economics, and outlooks for future development. They address such topics as:

  • The rise of "free trade" as an idea

  • Occupational status and perceptions of NAFTA

  • Immigration policy and economic integration

  • The need for a social development fund

  • Prospects for dollarization

  • The impact of 9/11/01 on regional and hemispheric trade negotiations

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