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James T. McHugh

Professor at Roosevelt University and chair and coordinator of the North American Studies Program


Dr. James T. McHugh is a professor at Roosevelt University in Chicago, where he is a tenured professor in the Department of Political Science and Public Administration, chair of the Legal Studies Program, and coordinator of the North American Studies Program.

His particular expertise in relation to the center is in the fields of Canadian and Quebec politics, public law, and philosophy and he is proficient in French. He earned a B.A. in history, political science, and area and international studies (with minor concentrations in music, French, and comparative religion) from the University of Vermont, an M.Litt. in history from the University of Edinburgh, and a Ph.D. in political studies from Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. He has published four books (including Comparative Constitutional Traditions and, most recently, Ex Uno Plura: State Constitutions and Their Political Cultures) and numerous scholarly articles in journals that include Quebec Studies, the American Review of Canadian Studies, the Review of Politics, and Comparative and International Law Quarterly. He is editor-in-chief of the New England Journal of Political Science and serves on the editorial boards of the Albany Law Review and the American Review of Canadian Studies. A fourth-generation native of Vermont (to which state he remains particularly devoted), he earned, in 2003, the distinction of becoming the youngest person ever promoted to the rank of full professor at Roosevelt University. Currently, he is finishing a book on collective rights in Canada.