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Human Rights Film Series

On Thursday October 13, we co-sponsored a screening of the film, The Redemption of General Butt Naked. The screening was part of the 12th Annual Human Rights Film Series sponsored by the Washington College of Law, the SOC Center for Social Media, and the Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law. The film follows the life of Joshua Blahyi, a brutal warlord during the Liberian Civil War known as General Butt Naked. He personally led his groups of child soldiers to slaughter entire villages, often wearing nothing but shoes and a gun, because he believed nakedness to lead to invincibility. After the war and the death of former President Samuel Doe, Blahyi converted to Christianity and began to preach. He spent several years in hiding in Ghana until 2008, when he came forward to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), a governmental body tasked with revealing the wrongdoing of the various actors in the civil war. His admission of guilt convinced the TRC to recommend his amnesty in the event of a trial, but the film casts into doubt his true innocence. In many ways, he seems to be playing the part of the remorseful, born-again Christian, but the true judgment is left up to the viewer. We would like to thank the filmmakers and the sponsors of the film series for the thought-provoking film!