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Palestine and Statehood

On September 29th, PDI received Mouin Rabbani of the Institute for Palestinian Studies to discuss Palestine and the recent debate in the UN surrounding its bid for statehood. Rabbani previously served as a Senior Analyst for the Middle East for the International Crisis Group and the Palestine Director of the Palestinian American Research Center. Forty students were captivated by his discussion on Palestine’s relentless journey toward achieving statehood. He discussed how Obama’s inauguration in 2009 gave a lot of hope to the Palestinians but negotiations seemed to be going nowhere. There were many key developments that affected Palestine’s acquisition of statehood such as Egypt’s political position and Palestine’s decision to take public opinions. Mr. Rabbani also emphasized the Security Council’s important role in granting statehood to Palestine.  After his discussion, Mouin Rabbani took on the students’ questions which varied from how Palestine’s ongoing struggle to achieve statehood affected society as a whole to how big of a role United States played in this issue.