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Center for Peacebuilding & Development

Current Programs

Technical Assistance & Capacity Building for the Secretariat for Muslims (SFM), Colombo, Sri Lanka

The Center for Peacebuilding and Development was awarded a grant in September 2011 from TetraTech ARD to implement a training and technical assistance project in Sri Lanka. CPD will be partnering with a local organization, the Secretariat for Muslims, to implement a series of capacity building workshops and trainings on research, advocacy, family mediation, and land dispute resolution.

The program builds on AU-CPD Director, Dr. Mohammed Abu-Nimer’s work over the last 5 years with the SFM and is based on findings from a SuRG supported assessment conducted in November 2010 to explore how the SFM, collectives, grassroots organizations, or government subsidiaries could be partnered with or supported in various ways to convey the concerns and needs of Muslim communities to various policy makers.  

The main purpose of this program is to build the SFM’s capacity as a national-level organization that works with various Muslim constituencies in Sri Lanka to bring their concerns and needs to the public and government’s attention.  The overarching goal of this technical assistance and capacity building program is to build the capacity of the SFM to effectively carry out its mission in the post-war context to effectively advocate for its Muslim constituencies.

for a direct link to their website, click here.

Past International Programs

CPD's international programs span the spectrum from regional training programs in peacebuilding and development to specialized training programs in various conflict affected countries, in partnership with international, national and local agencies.  

Iraq Election Education Project

January-March 2010

In January through March 2010, AU trainers organized 2,535 educational sessions in different Iraqi cities and villages with an average of about 25 attendees per session. A total of 919 sessions were conducted by 12 master trainers and 1,616 sessions were carried out by the team of 30 community facilitators. Three thousand copies of picture guidelines to help those who are illiterate understand voting procedures inside polling centers were distributed in remote villages, and two thousand pre-election questionnaires were distributed in three provinces to collect public opinion on election related issues. For more information, click here.

The Iraq Human Rights Commission Project


In July 2006, the Center for Peacebuilding and Development obtained a grant from the United States Department of State, Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, to provide the support and technical expertise in the development of a Iraq Human Rights Commission. The project was designed to assist a wide variety of actors in the following areas: defining the Commission's role, addressing issues related to the Commission's legal structure, promoting the Commission to the Iraqi public, and ensuring that Commission members have access to the training and the education in human rights required for the effective and meaningful operation of the Committee both domestically and as a participant in international human rights bodies. For more information, click here.

Track Two Diplomacy Program in Turkey and the Caucasus


The training program for leadership development for the Caucasus region emphasized the use of management concepts and techniques for reducing conflicts within groups.These concepts focused on individual, group and regional dimensions of conflict resolution. At the individual level, the participants used concepts of individual learning to assess their own approaches to learning. At the group level, they used concepts of organizational capacity to introspect their own capacity for growth and collaboration. At the regional level, the participants learned concepts of cross cultural dynamics that helped them assess their own cultural values and enhance their cross cultural participation. For more information, click here.

Marshall Islands Nuclear History Student Exchange

May 2006

CPD and the IPCR Program at American University hosted four Marshallese high school students in Washington, DC to spread awareness of the U.S. nuclear testing during the 1940s and 50s on their native islands. During this period, 67 nuclear tests were conducted on the islands. Students met with congressmen and presented the little known story of the Marshall Islands to graduate classes at AU during their stay. This program was the first of an annual exchange of students between the Marshall Islands and American University. (Press Release - PDF)

Georgia - Abkhazia US Study Tour: Democracy, Good Governance & Leadership Program

February 11 - 26, 2006

For two weeks in February 2006, CPD hosted 24 young leaders from Abkhazia and Georgia. The participants had backgrounds in government, law, NGOs and brought a wealth of personal experience to share with one another. This program was designed to educate participants about the American Democratic system and provide an opportunity for the participants to discuss good governance through a conflict resolution lens. Through classes, discussions, and activities, participants forged relationships and confronted issues that were perceived to be divisive.

Conflict Resolution Training for Christian & Muslim Leaders from Cote d'Ivoire

March 23, 2006

CPD held a one-day conflict resolution and interfaith dialogue training with three religious leaders from Cote d'Ivoire in cooperation with the U.S. State Department and the Institute for International Education. The participants enhanced their skills in interfaith dialogue within their communities by exploring different conflict resolution methods within the African context. (newspaper article from Cote d'Ivoire - PDF)