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Center for Peacebuilding & Development

CPD does a variety of programming here on the AU’s campus as well as around the world. CPD works closely with AU’s International Peace and Conflict Resolution Program (IPCR) and the Mohammed Said Farsi Chair of Islamic Peace. CPD also utilizes the broad range of talent and expertise that exists in AU’s faculty, teaching units, and other Centers and Institutes within the university community and beyond to support and enhance its programs. CPD leverages this combined pool of talent to address global issues and to enhance the student experience here at SIS.

Scope of Work

  • peace education
  • peacebuilding evaluation
  • civic engagement
  • nonviolent resistance
  • conflict resolution
  • religion and peace
  • peacebuilding and sustainable development


CPD’s programming is divided into 2 main categories: 

  • Category 1: Research & Scholarship
  • Category 2: Training & Capacity Building