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The Comparative and Regional Studies (CRS) program bridges comparative analysis and regional specializations. Whereas comparative reasoning focuses on uniformities and variation among cases, examining a specific region grounds knowledge and provides insight. Melding these two approaches, CRS offers an innovative program of study.

The CRS program at the School of International Service is innovative in its use of the prisms of comparative inquiry, enabling students to gain knowledge of specific countries while engaged in cross-regional analysis. By pioneering the frontiers of comparison across regions, this program represents a distinctive form of professional education, at once scholarly and eminently practical.

With emphasis on rigor and practical application, CRS places many students in internships overseas and in Washington D.C. With a population drawn from all world regions, the capital itself is a vast campus, offering extensive resources, including international organizations, embassies, U.S. government offices, major libraries, a university consortium, numerous museums, and other cultural and educational venues.

Skills in comparative studies and regional competence are increasingly in demand. CRS prepares professionals for a variety of careers. Alumni have found positions in government at the national, state, and local levels; and with international organizations-both global and regional institutions. CRS graduates also enter the private sector as consultants for, and executives in, domestic businesses, transnational corporations, and international banks. Another frequent alumni career path is the nonprofit organization, including human rights and environmental groups. Some graduates extend their research in diverse sectors, continuing study toward an advanced degree.



Marianne Menius
Program Coordinator
(202) 885-1760