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SIS Advisory Council on Diversity & Inclusion

Purpose of the Advisory Council

The SIS Advisory Council on Diversity & Inclusion was created in 2012 for members of the SIS community to provide input and feedback about SIS diversity & inclusion initiatives. 

The Advisory Council engages administrators, faculty, staff, and students to ensure that the design of these initiatives is informed by a range of experiences, perspectives and functional areas within the school. The goal of this holistic, community approach is to not only identify and serve needs in the SIS community, but also to build an increasingly inclusive school culture.

The Advisory Council is chaired by Dean James Goldgeier and Rebecca Davis, Director of SIS Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives.

2013 Advisory Council Membership


Rebecca Davis, Director of SIS Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives


Ubah Aden, Undergraduate Academic Advisor

Kafia Ahmed, Graduate Student

Mary Barton, Graduate Academic Advisor

Stephanie Block, Assoc. Director of Alumni Relations

Karmen Brooks, Graduate Student

Leeanne Dunsmore, Assoc. Dean of Prog. Development and Enrollment Mgmnt

Ronald Fisher, Professor of Int'l Peace and Conflict Resolution

Steven Garza, Graduate Student

James Goldgeier, Dean

Clarence Lusane, Professor of Comparative & Regional Studies

Kristin Richards, Graduate Academic Advisor

Anya Schmemann, Assistant Dean of Communications and Administration

Amanda Taylor, Professor of International Communication

Wanda Wigfall-Williams, Asst. Professor of International Communication


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