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Network with SIS Connections

SIS Connections

SIS Connections is a network with a two-fold mission:

(1) Expand professional pathways of SIS graduate students from historically under-represented groups (i.e., students of color, first generation college students, low-income students, veterans, etc), and

(2) Create a more inclusive school community through the involvement of SIS faculty, staff, students, alumni, and friends.

Learn more about opportunities through SIS Connections below.

Connect with SIS Alumni

SIS Alumni of Color Group Spring 2013

Alumni from a range of SIS MA programs returned to campus to chat with students about the paths they took to land their current jobs and about what it's like to work at organizations such as the Department of State, Department of Education, the International Organization for Migration, Development Alternatives Inc., and more. Round table conversations provided a friendly and informal opportunity for current students to learn about opportunities and challenges in the field from people who had been in their shoes.

Connect with Professionals

SIS Diversity Networking Workshop Announcement Final

In this workshop on networking, Gretchen Cook-Anderson and Leslie Flagg shared tips and strategies for networking as a minority in the field of international relations. They especially emphasized the advantages of standing out in a crowd when working to make an impression. Through candid conversation, role plays, and story-telling, students left the event with several useful take-aways they planned to put into action right away!

Connect with the SIS Community

two SIS students - one Caucasian, one African-American - have a lively conversation at diversity breakfast

On August 23, 2013 SIS hosted its 4th Annual Welcome Breakfast for Incoming Grad Students of Color. Students were to participate in an informal meet and greet with staff, faculty, and current graduate students where they could talk about any range of subjects.

SIS hosts community dialogues and other opportunities for students to engage with each other as well as faculty and staff. These events offer an opportunity to discuss important issues, hear different perspectives and expand social connections beyond the classroom setting.

Exploring Identities: LGBTQ Student Experiences Abroad

Colorful Globe

A student panel will discuss their experiences identifying as LGBTQ and studying abroad. ALL are welcome! Don't forget to RSVP!

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Community Dialogue: Why is the Field of International Affairs so...White?


You are invited to an SIS community dialogue where we will discuss the challenge of diversity in our professional field.

Please join us for lunch, invite your friends, classmates, professors to join in on the dialogue! 

When: Feb. 26th from 12pm-2pm

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About SIS Connections

WHO can participate?

Students, staff, faculty, and alumni of the SIS community are welcome to contribute and/or participate in the SIS Connections Network. Friends of SIS are also welcome to contribute their time, energy, ideas, and resources.

WHO benefits from SIS Connections?

SIS Connections was created with SIS graduate students from historically under-represented groups in mind (students of color, first generation college students, non-traditional students, veterans, etc.). However, the larger hope is that the work of SIS Connections builds a stronger community by involving everyone and by designing events and opportunities that often have universal appeal.

WHAT does SIS Connections do?

SIS Connections creates opportunities for graduate students from historically under-represented groups to expand their professional, social, and academic networks through workshops, speaker events, social activities, and engagement with alumni and professionals in the field of international relations.

HOW can I get involved?

SIS Connections thrives on the involvement of a wide variety of members of the SIS Community and friends of the community. Please email if you are interested in getting involved.

Get Involved!

SIS Exploring Identities Symbol

The SIS Exploring Identities Series is an event series that expands career pathways of historically underrepresented students and creates a more inclusive community.

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