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Capstone Options

Complete a Practicum

Students have the option of participating in a practicum to satisfy their capstone requirement. Practica are collaborative, client driven research projects offered every semester, including during the summer. Practica give students a real-world consultancy experience, and foster development of critical real-world competencies in skills that may including monitoring and evaluation, project management, program development, team building, research, and writing.

Students are eligible to participate in practicum if they will have completed 18 credits by the time they begin the practicum. Practicum are only available through competitive application, and each practicum accepts 15 students or less. Practicum are generally announced in October for Spring Practicum and January/February for Summer and Fall Practicum. While Spring and Fall practicum partner with organizations in the DC area, Summer practicum usually work with organizations in other countries and have a travel component. Past practica have involved travel to Brazil, China, India, Israel, Kenya, among others.

For additional information, visit the practicum website. To explore whether a practicum may be right for you, please meet with your academic advisor.

Degree Requirements

See the complete EPGA degree requirements.