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Faculty and Program Directories

Department of Philosophy and Religion

Program Director: Evan Berry

CAS Faculty: CAS Faculty and Contact Information

Website: Philosophy and Religion Department

Main Office: Battelle-Tompkins 120

Phone: 202-885-2925

Fax: 202-885-1094


School of International Service

Director: Jeffrey Bachman

Faculty: Faculty Profiles and Contact Information

Website: Ethics, Peace, and Global Affairs

Program Coordinator: Karen Ives

Office: SIS Building, 235B

Phone: 202-885-6591


Associated Faculty

The following American University faculty are engaged in research and teach courses of particular interest to EPGA students. This list is not exhaustive, nor is the description of each individual’s focus. Although this list focuses primarily on tenure and tenure-track faculty, the faculty at American University houses numerous adjunct and visiting members of potential interest to EPGA students.

Before contacting a faculty member, students are encouraged to read the full faculty description on the AU Website and consider: enrolling in a class; meeting with the faculty member for their advice; applying for a paid or volunteer research position with the faculty member; asking the faculty member to be an additional reader on a masters thesis or other major paper or project; gathering information about potential internships, and other specific steps to utilize the broad range of knowledge across campus.

Mohammed Abu-Nimer, SIS
Reconciliation/Palestinian & Israeli peace talks

Jeff Bachman, SIS
International human rights law, laws of war and peace

Debra Bergoffen, Philosophy/Religion
Feminist ethics, philosophy and genocide

Evan Berry, Philosophy/Religion
Environmental Ethics /Religion and politics/Globalization

Robin Broad, SIS
Critical development/ Accountability

Heather Elms, Kogod
Corporate social responsibility/Business ethics

Daniel Esser, SIS
Global health policy

Ellen Feder, Philosophy/Religion
Contemporary continental philosophy/Critical race and feminist theory

Hadar Harris, WCL
Human rights and humanitarian Law

Robert Goldman, WCL
Human rights law/War crimes

Gershon Greenberg, Philosophy/Religion
Religion and violence/Religious thought after the Holocaust

Louis Goodman, SIS
Civil/military relations/Latin America

Robert Goldman, LAW
Human rights / humanitarian law

Kimberly Leighton, Philosophy/Religion

Amy Oliver, Philosophy/Religion
Ethics in Latin America/Feminist philosophy

Alan Levine, SPA
Political theory/Deconstruction/Post-modernism

Jin Park, Philosophy/Religion
Buddhism/Asian moral philosophy

Mike Schroder, SIS
International politics, global institutions

Diane Singerman, SPA
Social movements

Susan Shepler, SIS
Africa, Youth and conflict

Abdul Aziz Said, SIS
The ethics of peace/Community & individual transformation

Paul Wapner, SIS
Environmental ethics and global politics

John Watson, Communication
Ethics in Journalism